New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: COVID-related comorbidities have become a common phenomenon recently during the second wave of coronavirus. From Black Fungus to Happy Hypoxia to Pneumonia, the COVID-19 virus is affecting various organs of our body and making them prone to different diseases. In a recent study, it was also found that COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction in men and affect their fertility.

The study was conducted on Italian men and it argued that COVID-19 damages the cardiovascular system, causing blood vessel decrease which in turn affects a man’s erection. The result of the study, as quoted by News18, suggested that endothelial cell dysfunction from COVID-19 infection can lead to Erectile Dysfunction .

Various cases of COVID-19 induced erectile dysfunction have been reported in India as well, according to healthcare experts quoted by some media reports. However, there is no study in India which corroborates this connection since there is not enough data to draw a concrete conclusion. One reason behind this could be the hesitancy in Indian men to talk about their sexual issues and seek medical advice.

In the study, it has also been argued that the COVID-19 infection alone isn't the only factor that is causing Erectile Dysfunction in men. In several cases, it could be caused due to pandemic-induced mental stress, anxiety, the feeling of loneliness, or financial struggles as well. For this reason, addressing the mental health aspect of sexual issues is also necessary to determine the factors affecting Erectile Dysfunction.

Interestingly, some studies as quoted by News18 also claim that erectile dysfunction is higher in men who have comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension.

How to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

According to experts managing the comorbidities caused due to COVID-19 can manage erectile dysfunction in men. Besides, a change in the lifestyle can also help in managing erectile issues. Bonding with your partners or keeping a positive frame of mind can contribute to solving the problem greatly.

There are also advanced methods like vacuum pump devices, intracavernous injections, or penile implants that can be opted for.

(Disclaimer: The article is for information purpose based on the researches conducted on COVID-19 and does not substitute for professional medical advice. Anyone having the symptoms is advised to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider.)

Posted By: Sugandha Jha