New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: COVID-19 one of the deadliest pandemics took many lives all over the world, till now the scientist has not concluded as to what triggered this virus. However, this virus surely introduced the world to 'new normal' that is social distancing, mask, sanitization is now part of our lives.

Without a mask, it makes a person incomplete because now its part of our dressing and one cannot avoid it. COVID-19 vaccines are soon going to come to India, however, there is a thick layer of confusion as to it will work or not.

Speaking to Jagran Hindi, Dr Shekhar Mande, Director General of CSIR, said that just like COVID-19 millions of viruses are floating in the air and, so masks should be made mandatory as it prevents us from many types of virus attacks.

Well, the mock drill of the vaccines has begun, however, it will take time to get vaccinated throughout the country. After the first dose, the second dose will have to wait, also, it will take a long time for its side effects or good results to be revealed.

Dr Shekhar further added that based on all research it has been proved that to prevent the pandemic vaccination of 80 per cent population is necessary. He continued, in a country like India, making millions of vaccine dose is not easy. Many challenges will arise such as agreements between the government and pharma companies, waiting lists of many countries, storage and distribution systems.

Also, as per research, scientists revealed that the vaccines will prevent the virus from spreading in the body, but there is no evidence that it will not spread to others or will not attack them back. So, it's very important for everyone to take precautions as people will have to wait for long for the final results.

"I hope we will return to normal life as before but it is proved in the past one year that wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and social distancing has prevented the outspread of the coronavirus. It is a tested formula and is now in our habit. There is no need for any test or proof for this. It will have to be maintained. How people were scared and forced to be imprisoned in the early days of the pandemic, but due to the precaution, a huge country like India has managed to overcome it."

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv