New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: After close to six weeks of nationwide lockdown to control the spread of novel coronavirus, many parts of the country are witnessing the relaxations in the lockdown measures to enable a decently restricted degree of mobility, for restarting the COVID-shut economic engine. Life is far from being normal but like pre-COVID days, some activities, such as domestic help and utility servicepersons coming back to their works inside people's homes have started in many parts of the country.

So with the number of COVID cases continuing to rise across the country and the level of contagion spread rising beyond sporadic outbreaks, is it the right time to call back the domestic help and utility servicepersons if needs to be? Precautious enough, you should avoid. However, if you can’t avoid, then the precautions to be taken must be optimal and devoid of any sort of humanistic carelessness.

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1. Keep spare masks for your help/utility serviceperson

If the individual entering your home for the above purposes isn’t wearing the mask, then in best-case-scenario you should prefer to not take their services. But just in case, a mask should be the welcome fabric in these COVID-infested times and sanitiser/hand wash should be an immunity solution to be used firsthand while ensuring a safe social distance of five feet of course.

2. Social distancing

You and everyone else in the family must keep a safe social distance from anyone entering your home but is not your immediate family member. For the time being, the fact needs to be reemphasised that ‘social distancing is the social vaccine’ of the novel coronavirus.

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3. Sanitise the things used/touched by them

Be it utensils or the portions of your curtain, sanitise everything which has come in contact with your domestic help or utility serviceperson. If this seems too much, then recall that this is the biggest health crisis you are confronting in your entire life so far, and these extreme situations demand extreme precautions.

4. Maintain precautious hygienic eating standards

Possibly, you have already increased your clean-the-veggies/fruits standards by now in the wake of coronavirus cases being recorded in the vegetable markets across the country. Henceforth, if you happen to receive some edible item from your domestic help or utility serviceperson – be extra cautious.

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5. Act as a family to your domestic help

The country is going through such a critical period when the people lying at the underprivileged strata are most vulnerable. Act as a morale booster to your domestic help, to stimulate a positive mental positioning needed the most to overcome these tumultuous times.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma