New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Recently, several cases have come up with Happy Hypoxia in COVID-19 patients in India. As many as 30 per cent of the COVID-19 patients have reported this baffling illness wherein the symptoms seem just alright until the very last moment. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What is Happy Hypoxia in Covid patients?

Hypoxia is a condition when the oxygen level in the body drops significantly below an adequate level. It happens when the lungs are not fully able to absorb and transfer oxygen in all parts of the body. It can also happen if the blood vessels are not able to circulate blood properly because of a blockage. Hypoxia can lead to an adverse effect on the vital organs of our body such as the heart, lungs, kidney, and brain.

In Covid infected patients Hypoxia is a commonly observed condition in critical cases. It is because the infection affects the respiratory system including the lungs and blood vessels. It can also cause blood clotting due to inflammation in the blood vessels. However, unlike a regular Covid patient, those with hypoxia continue to function normally until very late.


* Dropping Oxygen level

If your oxygen level is dropping continuously to a dangerous level you might be at the risk of Hypoxia. It is important to regularly monitor your oxygen level during the pandemic even if you feel alright. Oxygen saturation below 90 per cent is not a good sign.

* Change of lip colour

Hypoxia patients show a change in the colour of their lips from the natural tone to blue. It is because of the lack of oxygen in the body. You must consult a doctor if you are experiencing a sudden discolouration on the lips.

* Profuse sweating

Excessive sweating even when you are not doing any physically tiring work, could also indicate the risk of Hypoxia. Again it could be because of the dropping oxygen level in the body. One must keep a check of their Sp02 level to stay safe.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha