New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: You might have come across the widely circulated claim on internet nowadays that the deadly coronavirus infection can easily spread through flushing of the toilet. Whether it is true or not has become a matter of increasing interest.

Here’s the truth behind this claim:

What do experts say?

Recently, a study published in a journal called ‘Physics of Fluids’ said that blocking the path of faecal or oral transmission - that commonly occurs while using the toilet - can spread the novel coronavirus. The claim was based on the key fact that flushing a toilet generates strong turbulence within the bowl which can expel aerosol particles out of it.

Experts say that due to the upwards velocity during flush movement, the expelling aerosol particles have the capacity to climb out of the toilet bowl. The study claimed that 40 to 60 per cent of the total number of particles can rise above the toilet seat and cause a large area spread.

Apart from this, the study also claimed that the toilet bowl is likely to have a large number of the virus if an infected person uses it. Therefore, toilets should be considered as a source of infection from where the Covid-19 virus can spread. It may lead to an epidemic like situation where massive infection is spread due to a contaminated toilet seat used by a large number of people.

“A confirmed case usually remains at home for isolation, where shared use of bathroom is inevitable. The daily flow of people in a public washroom is stunningly large: thus, a confirmed case may cause a massive number of infections. For these reasons, investigation of toilets in the context of epidemic prevention is imperative,” mentions the study as quoted by an Indian Express report.

How to prevent transmission through toilet seat?

The authors of the study suggest that the toilet seat should be put down after use and cleaned before using it to remove the floating virus particles that might be there on the surface. The study also suggests to creative innovative designs of toilet that can be shut down and cleaned automatically.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha