New Delhi| Jagran Health Desk: India is reeling under the cascading effect of coronavirus with the daily cases breaching the 2.50-lakh mark from the last four consecutive days. The recent spike in COVID-19 cases has again made India, the second worst-hit nation after the United States. The active cases in the country have also doubled up in the last 10 days and have crossed the grim milestone of the 20-lakh mark, which is the highest since the start of the pandemic last year.

Amidst this, people are looking for ways to protect themselves from the deadly pathogen, and a claim is doing rounds on social media that says, steam inhalation can kill coronavirus.

A viral post that is doing rounds on the internet says, "If you want to stay safe and kill the coronavirus, which could be hiding inside your nose, then you should start taking steam which will reach to your nose and kill the virus. At 50 degree celsius, the coronavirus becomes disabled. At 60 degree celsius, the virus becomes weak, and at 70-degree celsius, the virus dies completely."

The post further reads, "COVID-19 can be killed by inhaling steam from the nose or mouth, eliminating the coronavirus. If all the people started a steam drive campaign for a week, the pandemic will soon end.

(Disclaimer: Jagran English does not independently verify the veracity of the above-mentioned claim)

However, neither World Health Organization (WHO) nor U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend this treatment for preventing coronavirus. CDC representative told Reuters that the steam inhalation practice is risky and there is no scientific proof that it can prevent coronavirus. Adding further to the information, the representative said that this steam inhalation is a risky process and can even cause burn injury.

On the other hand, several doctors have also warned against steam inhalation and said that in such cases when a person has covid, it could worsen their situation as it could lead to asthma symptoms.

The doctors have suggested that social distancing, masks, washing hands, and sanitising hands at proper intervals are the only thing to fight with coronavirus.

What is steam inhalation?

Steam inhalation is a process to inhale the hot water vapour that helps to open the nasal passage, and it can help you provide some temporary relief from normal cold and flu.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma