New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The global struggle to contain the spread of novel coronavirus has led to phenomenal races to find the cure to the contagion infection which has infected more than 4.3 million confirmed individuals at present. The medical corporation is defining the diplomatic dynamics and leading to new front based exclusively on the fight against the COVID-19 infection. The potential of different drugs being tested clinically has shown varying degree of effectiveness against the infection.

Jagran English looks below at some of the promising drugs which are found to be distinctly effective on a limited number of COVID patients and thus medical professionals are stepping forward with them in a wide range of patients worldwide:

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1. Remdesivir:

After extensive long drawn trials, the Gilead Sciences (maker of the drug) has been green flagged to use this drug on COVID-19 patients. Five pharmaceutical firms in India and Pakistan have got the contracts to make the drugs on a large scale. It is an antiviral drug which acts by copying the coronavirus's genetic machinery, the RNA and slows down replication, and thus brings down the recovery period from 15 to up to 4 days.

It was previously held to be successful in treating the Ebola virus transmitted infection.

2. Plasma Therapy:

Plasma Therapy involves the transfusion of plasma from an already recovered COVID patient's body into an active patient, thus leading to the insertion of COVID-fighting antibodies. The trials are underway in many Delhi hospitals, with sporadic instances of its effectiveness report from across the capital.

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3. Sepsivac (The Leprosy Drug)

Chandigarh-based Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research (PGIMR) has commenced a clinical trial involving Sepsivac, an immunomodulator, on asymptomatic coronavirus patients. The findings of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) suggest that the leprosy drug can help reduce the mortality rate in critically ill COVID-19 patients.

According to Dr Ram Vishwakarma, coordinator of the clinical trial at the PGIMER Chandigarh study, the immunomodulatory Sepsivac will be administered to the coronavirus patients as a vaccine so that they don’t redevelop the SARS-CoV-2 infection, reported ANI.

4. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

The ICMR recommended HCQ as a prophylactic treatment drug for health workers and close acquaintances of a COVID-19 patient on March 22 and thus the sale of this readily available anti-malarial over-the-counter drug started being regulated, and on international insistence, started being exported from India to several countries such as the US, Brazil and Israel.

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However, recent studies have found it ineffective against the COVID-19 but its prophylactic use continues.

5. Favilavir

Previously used against the deadly spread of Influenza virus, the drug is being trialled upon COVID-19 patients in Japan and according to The Times of India, another trial is set to begin in India. Researchers suggest that the drug works by preventing the virus from replicating inside the organs.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma