New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: While we all know the long list of existing health benefits of coconut oil, the wonders of which have again come into light striking a  medical debate to possibly find a cure to the novel coronavirus infection.

Quoting a report by the Times of India, the Journal of Association of Physicians (JAPI), has carried a review in its edition of July on the study of ‘coconut oil’, focussing on its ‘immunomodulation benefits’ and ‘ability to work against microbes’.

The study conducted on the benefits of coconut oil by one of India’s most prestigious Journals laid out that coconut oil has lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid that can be easily synthesized by the body. Dr. Shashank Joshi, one of the major authors of the paper told TOI, “Indians consume a lot of saturated fatty acids, especially ghee, which are the right source of fats needed for the body’s metabolism.”


It would be an understatement to suggest that coconut oil has a unique presence in almost all our home remedies to cure skin related problems. Coconut oil-a lipid-rich oil has even proved beneficial to be used as a cooking oil in southern states. But long-standing debates regarding its use to be the cause of high heart disease burden still pose a question. Nevertheless, It is also recognised as ayurvedic medicine for 4,000 years now.


“While Covid-19 wasn’t the main reason for conducting this review on coconut oil, it is a fact that Keralites, who consume a lot of coconut oil, have managed to fight COVID-19,” Dr. Joshi, who is also the dean of Indian College of Physicians and a member of state government task force on COVID-19, was quoted as saying in the report by TOI.

The study reported however is not able to convince all doctors and questions regarding its effectiveness have been raised by many. Challenging the basis of the study, a doctor attached to a public hospital said, “It is known that it contains compounds with antimicrobial properties. It has zinc as well which is being given to COVID-19 patients to boost immunity. “But we don’t know if and how much the human body is able to efficiently absorb all these chemicals from coconut oil,” according to TOI.

The deadly infection has ignited a lot of debates centering around the use of Indian ayurvedic medicines and drugs, to be proven useful to boost immunity and to provide a cure to fight COVID-19. 

Posted By: Simran Babbar