New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The year 2020 has finally come to an end and this year has been harsh on all of us but there were some celestial events that lit up the sky and were a treat to the eyes of skywatchers. Now, the last lunar event of the year 2020 is here and this time the cold Moon is going to light up the night sky. For the unknown, the cold moon is the last full moon of the year, or better known as the full moon of December.

The 'Cold Moon' is known by different names and in the US it is known as 'Long Nights Moon' and this day occurs right after Christmas Day. This event is taking place after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that took place just before Christmas.

When is Cold Moon 2020? Know Date and Timings here

The Cold Moon 2020 is going to take place on Tuesday, December 29. On this day, the moon is going to be at its peak at 10.30 PM EST. In India, it is going to take place on December 30 and the best time to watch this is at 8:58 PM. If you miss it on the first day, it is fine because you have the chance to watch it on the two nights and enjoy the last full moon of the year 2020 with the New Year's eve celebration.

When does Cold Moon appear in the sky?

The Cold Moon Day falls right after the longest night of the year. It so happens because the Cold Moon takes a higher and more northerly trajectory in the night sky as it was opposite to the low sun. This moon is special as it appears after the winter solstice because the nights are long at this time and also this moon stays above the horizon for a long time.

Why is this full moon called Cold Moon?

This day is called as Cold Moon because of the seasonal changes and the month of December is filled with cold and frizzy air and at the olden time, these days were even more frigid thus it is known as the Cold Moon.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma