New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Chinnamasta Jayanti is here and it is a day dedicated to Maa Chinnamasta. This Goddess is a reincarnation of Maa Kali. Goddess Chinnamasta is also known as Goddess Prachanda Chandika in many parts of the country. According to the Hindu calendar, Chinnamasta Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Vaishakh, on the chaturdashi tithi that is the 14th day of Shukla Paksha. And in 2021, it is being observed on May 25, 2021. Read on to know more about this special festival below

Chinnamasta Jayanti 2021: Date and time

  • Chaturdashi will start on May 24, 12:12 am
  • Chaturdashi will end on May 25, 20:29 pm

Chinnamasta Jayanti 2021: Significance

Devotees believe that Goddess Chinnmasta is a life-giver as well as a life taker. She is the incarnation of Goddess Kali. Chinnamasta is the sixth of the ten Mahavidya Goddesses. Goddess is self-decapitated as holding her heads in one hand and scimitar in another hand, standing on a copulating couple. Three bloodstream are erupting from her neck. Two of the streams are aiding her attendants, Damini on her left and Varnini on her right, consuming third stream by herself. Chinnamasta Goddess is bright like millions of sun gathered together, her complexion is red like the colour of flower Gudahala. Chinnamasta Mata is worshipped to get victory over enemies and due to the ferocious nature of Maa, the sadhana is done by Tantriks. She is often associated with awakening of Kundalini.

Chinnamasta Jayanti 2021: Legend

It is believed that along with her two attendants, Maa Parwati went to take bath in the river Mandakini. Her attendants were asked to guard her meanwhile Maa enjoyed the bath. However, amidst this, she forgot the actual count of time and Her attendants started feeling hungry and demanded food. Therefore, in order to feed them, she beheaded herself and three jets of blood spurt from her neck, two of which satisfied her attendants and third her several heads.

Chinnamasta Jayanti 2021: Puja vidhi

- On this day devotees take early bath, wear fresh clothes and observe strict fast.
- Place the idol of Maa Parwati on an altar. At some temples Lord Shiva's idol is also kept along with hers.
- Offer Blue flowers and garlands.
- Goddess is pleased with Lobhan incense and itr. Therefore, light incense sticks or sprinkle the itr.
- Light a deepak of mustard oil.
- Offer coconut, naivedya of sweets, specially of Urad dal.
- Recite mantras of Devi.
- On this day small girls are also worshipped and food is offered to them

Chinnamasta Jayanti 2021: Mantras

Ekakshar Chhinnamasta Mantra (1 Syllable Mantra)
2. Tryakshar Chhinnamasta Mantra (3 Syllables Mantra)
Om Hum Om॥
3. Chaturakshar Chhinnamasta Mantra (4 Syllables Mantra)
॥Om Hum Svaha॥
4. Panchakshar Chhinnamasta Mantra (5 Syllables Mantra)
॥Om Hum Svaha Om॥
5. Shadakshar Chhinnamasta Mantra (6 Syllables Mantra)
Hreem Kleem Shreem Aim Hum Phat॥

Chhinnamasta Mool Mantra

Shreem Hreem Kleem Aim Vajra Vairochaniyai Hum Hum Phat Svaha

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal