New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Children's Day 2021 is celebrated on the eve of India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary. He was fond of kids and advocated for children to have fulfilled education. The special day creates awareness among people regarding the rights, care and education of children. Fondly known as Chacha Nehru among children, the Indian Parliament passed a resolution that November 14, will be celebrated as Children's Day, after his death in 1964. This year we are celebrating his 132nd birth anniversary.

Every year, on this day, schools and colleges across the nation hold a special event like fancy dress competition, play, speech and essay competition etc. So if you are planning to address the crowd or take part in an essay competition then, here we are with a sample and ideas that can help you win the competition. Take a look below:

Children's Day 2021: Speech

Start with stating a famous quote of Jawaharlal Nehru and then address the audience. Next, talk about the importance of Children's Day and how they can change the world. Please Note: Try to keep the speech short and crisp, else the audience may lose interest.

I welcome you all to the celebration of Children’s Day. This day, is dedicated to children to commemorate the work and love put in by our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It marks his 132nd anniversary. Jawaharlal Nehru became our first Prime Minister in 1947 after India was declared an independent nation and he reigned for 16 years, and he always advocated for children’s rights for safety, health, and education. He was tutored privately with a tutor in his early years, and he understood the importance of education and the good outcomes it can lead to. He loved his time with children, and children also were very fond of him as they referred to him as “Chacha Nehru” and “Chachaji”. He had a great vision for India, to make it into a world leader and he knew that was only possible if the young people are nurtured from childhood, by giving them the freedom to dream and have the basic amenities and the right to be protected and taken care of. Among the basic rights for children education and health were of extreme importance and he ensured to enlighten people with the same philosophy and encouraged parents and teachers to give their children wings to fly and dream the future they want to create and allow room for mistakes and improvements as these qualities empower them to innovate and build a better nation. So let’s be the children our nation is proud of and create a better tomorrow for everyone around. I wish you all the best and a Happy Children’s Day.

Thank you.

10 Lines Speech on Children’s Day

- Children’s day is celebrated on November 14 every year, since 1964 in India.

- The day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

- Nehru cherished every moment he spent with children and believed they are our tomorrow and the fate of the nation lies in their hands.

- He left a remarkable legacy and children were very fond of him and lovingly called him “Chacha Nehru” or “Chachaji”.

- He always believed in equality and was an activist for every child to have equal rights to education, health, and safety.

- The importance of this day is explained and their role in society for a better tomorrow.

- Children’s day is to revisit Chacha Nehru’s principle of allowing children to have wings and fly rather than restricting and limiting their creativity.

Children's Day 2021: Essay

We should know the feeling of children and not let the children’s Day be confined to cultural events and ceremonies, but to put effort into something for the children who are going through the darkness of life. We require a children’s Day where not only schools but each child living in the society can recognize that they too have a presence in this nation. They also hold equity to live a virtuous life in this land. It is necessary because they are deemed to be the future of the realm, and if they are conscious of their rights and liabilities from childhood, they can raise their voices against the wickedness and exploitation experienced by them

Therefore, we should take an oath to not only serve children on Children’s Day but each Day for their well being and benefit and help them to accomplish their dreams securely.

He worked more for the education, welfare, and progress of children and youngsters after the independence of India. He also organized a 5-year plan to provide free meals and education to the school children for avoiding children malnutrition in India. He was saying that children are the power of the country as they would build a developed society in the future.

A child is a fable of the life of a parent. So, they should be nurtured carefully. Children bring happiness and courage to their parent’s life. It is believed that God exists within Children due to the pure heart. Children are considered as the foundation and future of the country. So, they should be given more attention, the right education, and care in the present to progress and develop in the future.

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