New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Today is the first final day of the Chhath Puja. This day is known as 'Nahay Khay'. On this day, the devotees offer fruits, flowers and arghya to the rising sun. The auspicious timings and muhurat for this year's Nahay Khay are between 5:48 AM to 7:30 AM on November 18.

Chhath puja is a Hindu festival observed mostly in the easternmost part of the country such as Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where devotees pray Surya Devta (Sun God). The festival rituals are rigorous and are observed for a period of four days. It includes a holy bath, nirjala vrat (abstaining from water) and standing in water for a long period of time. The rituals include offering arghya to the setting and rising sun. Some devotees even perform procrastination march as they go to river banks.

Sunrise and Sunset timings today in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh:

Chhath Puja Date: November 18, Nahay Khay


Sunrise: 5:48 am

Sunset: 5:08 pm

Uttar Pradesh:

Sunrise: 6:05 am
Sunset: 5:20 am

What is Nahay Khay? Why it is celebrated?

Chhath On Kartik month’s Shukla Paksha Chaturthi Tithi, Nahay Khay is done. On this day, bathing and wearing new clothes should be done at sunrise and special pure vegetarian food is eaten. Salt and sugar are prohibited on this day. Other members of the family take food only after the fasting person has taken food.

It is believed that this ritual heals you from inside. Sun God embraces you and your family with his sunshine and prosperity. Also, it increases the life of the offsprings of the person who observes fast. This is a 36-hour-long fast which is generally observed by the women of the family. However, several male devotees also observe this fast to please Sun God. 

Posted By: Srishti Goel