New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: India has surpassed every country to become the second worst-hit nation by COVID-19 after Brazil. The cases have reached a mark of 13.7 in India with 1,61,736 new ones reported in the last 24 hours. In such an alarming situation following the COVID-19 guidelines of maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask is even more important. 

Although, all the importance of masks and safety has already been preached in the last year but still people are refraining to make a use of it everytime they are stepping out. The neglect in the precautions has resulted in the country to have a second strong wave of COVID-19. 

Talking about wearing masks, several studies have stated that the use of masks has significantly reduced the spread of the virus's infection amongst people. Therefore, it is very important to wear masks everytime while you are out.

These days, the DIY or homemade masks gained the utmost popularity. For those who weren't a big fan of plain simple masks, switched to the fabric ones which had interesting prints and patterns. Therefore, people who are using homemade face masks need to be informed of certain factors while going about with the same.

To help you on how to DIY masks correctly, here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow.


Keep changing the mask

Make sure to keep changing the mask if you are using the homemade cloth one. The material used to make this mask is slightly different from that of N95 ones so make sure to keep changing the mask for hygiene and cleanliness purpose.

Use a clean cloth

Rather than using old worn-out cloth, use the new and cleaner fabrics as it is something you are going to use it on your mouth. 

Keep washing your mask in boiling water

Since such masks are not the ones to be disposed off, make sure to keep them washed and clean. Wash your mask with boiling water and make sure you wear them only when it dries up completely. 


Avoid using uneasy fabrics

Don't use fabrics to make homemade masks that can cause irritation on your skin like sequin or others. Try using cotton clothes that are comfortable to wear on your skin. 

Avoid sharing your mask with anyone

Make sure to never share your mask with anyone as the germs can easily be passed on to people. Using a used mask of someone may cause severe skin problems like rashes, irritation and more. 

Avoid using cloth masks on children below 2 years

Make sure to keep these DIY masks away from kids below 2 years as they may cause breathing problems.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal