New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The last and the final treat for the skywatchers is today as  the world is witnessing a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020 also known as 'Upachaya Chandra Grahan' on November 30. This is  the fourth Lunar Eclipse and the fourth eclipse of this year. Earlier in January and June, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse was visible to the world.

A lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2020, occurs when the Earth came in between the Sun and the Moon. During the phenomenon, the Earth moves in between the Sun and Moon and obstruct the sunlight reflected by the Lunar surface. Eclipses cast two types of shadows that is ‘penumbra and umbra’. The umbra is the darkest part of the shadow while the penumbra is the lighter portion on the edges.

While eclipses are a treat to some stargazers, there are many superstitions regarding it among the Indians as people take it as a bad omen. Among many myths, the myth that eclipses are considered harmful to pregnant women has been set in the minds of locals since forever now. Indians still hold onto some of these believes and follow the precautions strictly on the day of eclipses.

It is believed that the polluted rays during the lunar eclipse have adverse effects on health, so people are advised to avoid it. In this too, the worst effect of lunar eclipse can have on pregnant women and the unborn child, which can spoil the physical and mental health of the child. Learn here what the rules are for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should take these precaution during eclipse:

1. It is said that pregnant women should avoid using sharp things like knives, scissors, needles etc during an eclipse. It is believed that any organ of the infant, which is undeveloped, can be damaged.

2. It is usually advised not to eat food made in eclipse. It is believed that pregnant women should remain foodless during the lunar eclipse. During this time, the harmful rays of the eclipse can pollute the food. It can affect the health of the pregnant woman and the baby. If food is cooked at home, immediately add basil leaves to it.

3. It is believed that husband and wife should avoid having a relationship during the eclipse. Also, during the eclipse one should avoid consuming medicine, touching the idols of God and sleeping.

4. It is believed that if a pregnant woman sees an eclipse, then it directly affects her physical and mental health. Pregnant women should also avoid coming out of the house during the lunar eclipse.

5. It is said that a pregnant woman must take a bath after the eclipse. Otherwise, the baby may get skin-related diseases. To avoid the negative effects of the eclipse, it is necessary for the pregnant woman to take a bath.

Posted By: Srishti Goel