New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A new book 'Career Misadventures and How to Avoid Them' by Anjali Ahuja, a senior professional in the HR fraternity intends to help young employees in the corporate sector choose their future path carefully and avoid misadventures that may hamper their growth. Launched recently at an online event graced by several stalwarts in the corporate sector, the book has recieved praises from all quarters and hailed as the "first step towards taking charge of your career".

Anjali Ahuja, the author who started her career in late 80s, has shared the lessons she learnt during her successful career spanning over 28 years. The fact that Ahuja led HR department of several renowened organisations during the three decades of her career has helped her track the careers of hundreds of employees. The book includes not just the personal experiences of Ahuja, but hundreds others whom she managed throughtout her career.


Through her book, Career Misadventures, she has shed ligght upon several obstacles that hider the career growth of many. The book may also prove helpful to those trying to change their approach and give shape to their career.

The knowledge the book imparts is easy to absorb and implement in real life and Ahuja has also shared several incidents happened during her career to make it ever more interesting read.


The stories she has shared in the book not only raise the mental shutters that keep the real problems out of sight, but also make for an entreating reading experience. The book was released on all major online platforms on September 1.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma