New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: As the world continues to grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic, the race to find a cure to the contagious viral infection is yet to cross the final success line. Until the cure is found, an utmost carefulness to disinfect the surroundings must remain a primary concern for everyone.

Since most of the time is being spent at home, the home must remain our safe zone as far as the protection from the pandemic is concerned. Although regular washing of hands might kill coronaviruses, but similar sanitisation routine must be employed for other surfaces at home. These are the five easily-available products, which if employed to clean the surfaces at home, will keep your home safe from Coronavirus.


Diluting Bleach with cold water makes the resulting solution a strong disinfectant which can kill off the Coronavirus. According to a Livspace report,  one can combine one-third cup of bleach with 3 litres of cold water to disinfect the surfaces. One also needs to ensure that the surface is re-cleaned after every 24 hours as bleach’s disinfecting properties fade out in that time.

Surgical Spirit or Alcohol

Surgical sprit or Alcohol is basically used to sterilise surfaces. However pure alcohol must not be used like that. Buy surgical spirit with alcohol concentration not exceeding 70 per cent, since pure alcohol will simply evaporate away before killing off the viruses. Also beware, alcohol in any concentration cannot kill coronavirus in your body.

Hydrogen Peroxide

According to an NBC News report, Hydrogen Peroxide is not as strong a disinfectant as Bleach or alcohol, but those people who are sensitive to using the former two disinfectant agents, can ‘use it straight’ without diluting it anyway.

Soap and Water

This is not really a hard-and-fast method to employ. All the emphasis that has been on washing hands stands vindicated as soap removes the virus particles from surfaces, and washes them away. “The virus has an outside coating, and the stuff inside — DNA or RNA — is what actually causes the disease. It's kind of like the casing on a bomb or torpedo. For a virus, that coating is a protein, and the soap or detergent break up that coating, so the virus spills its guts and falls apart,” Richard Sachleben, an organic chemist and a member of the American Chemical Society, was quoted as saying by NBC.

Beware of Vodka and Vinegar

Vodka is barely 40 per cent alcohol, and sometimes even less, therefore cannot be trusted for absolute disinfection of the surfaces. Also, many people use Vinegar cheap and durable cleaning agent, but there is no evidence that it kills off the coronavirus.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta