New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: On rapidly spreading infection post–COVID recovery is black fungus. Also called Mucormycosis, Black Fungus is a disease that is commonly found in people who have recently recovered from Covid-19, been on oxygen support for a long time, or have deranged sugar levels. It may also be caused due to poor hygiene of critical equipment like an oxygen mask.

However, following some simple oral hygiene tips can reduce the chances of catching this rare yet fatal disease according to a dentist as primary black fungus symptoms include discolouration of the oral tissues, tongue, and gums. Other symptoms of the infection are a stuffy nose, severe pain, swelling of the face, heaviness below the eyes, discomfort, fever, and headache.

Here are top 3 tips that can reduce your chances of getting black fungus:

Maintain oral hygiene

The intake of steroids and other medications after recovering from COVID-19 enables bacteria and fungus to grow in your mouth. This leads to problems in the sinus, lungs, and even the brain. Taking care of your mouth by brushing at least twice or thrice a day may help you to control the bacteria. Taking oral cleanups is also suggested to be exceedingly helpful.

Oral rising

Maintaining good oral health after recovering from Covid-19 is said to be a must for patients to protect themselves from the side effects of the disease. Patients are advised to change their toothbrush once they test negative so that the virus that may be present on the old brush doesn’t attack them again. Regular rinsing of your mouth is highly advised to prevent any kind of infection that they arise including Black Fungus.

Disinfecting toothbrush and tongue cleaner

Experts say that a Covid infected patient or somebody who has recovered from it should not keep their brush in the same holder where other family members do. It may increase the chances of spreading the virus to others. It is advised to clean the brush and tongue cleaner using an antiseptic mouthwash.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal