New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Ever since the second wave of COVID-19 hit the country, new symptoms and disease caused by COVID-19 are being reported. Lately, doctors discovered several new diseases in the infected patients, namely black, white and yellow fungus. These fungi are hampering the condition of the patient and making the situation worse. So far, India has reported around 11,00 cases of black fungus in people who are either recovering or recovered from the novel virus.

Ever since then, several studies have underlined the potential cause behind the spread of black fungus or Mucormycosis, such as hospitalisation for a long time, overuse of steroids and comorbidities like diabetes. Now a new debate is doing rounds can unhygienic delivery of oxygen to COVID-19 patients a potential cause behind the spread of the black fungus.

Can Industrial Oxygen cause Mucormycosis?

According to Mumbai doctors, the use of industrial oxygen can be one reason for the outbreak of this fungus, as there is a difference in the production of industrial and medical oxygen.

Due to the shortage of oxygen during the second wave of COVID-19, doctors had to resort to industrial oxygen. It has caused one reason behind the outbreak of this disease.

What is the difference between Medical Oxygen and Industrial Oxygen?

When medical oxygen is produced it passes through many filters, and many measures are taken to keep all the fungus away. However, in the making of Industrial oxygen, no such steps are taken.

Other factors for the outbreak of Mucormycosis

- Another reason for the outbreak can be, industrial oxygen is prone to leaks when transported in vans and truck. This transportation can give rise to the cylinder's hygiene.

- Also, non-sterile water used in humidifiers, unsterilised equipment and non-medical oxygen cylinders also play a role in the spread.

According to health experts, oxygen masks and cannulas used must be discarded.

Disclaimer: The article is purely informative based on the researches and several studies. However, English Jagran does not independently vouch for this report. Prior consultation with a doctor is advisable before following any of the above-mentioned tips before taking the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv