New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The number of black fungus cases has increased in the COVID-19 recovered patients lately making it a grave concern. Patients who have stayed in prolonged ICU under unsanitary conditions or those who have uncontrolled diabetes are more likely to develop this infection. Unproportional use of steroids or compromised immunity can also leave room for black fungus to spread. Here are 5 dental infections you must be careful about to avoid black fungus.

Mobile teeth

Mobile teeth refer to the displacement of a tooth beyond its normal physiological boundaries around the gingival area. In everyday language, it is also known as a loose tooth which can occur due to multiple reasons. However, if your experience a loose tooth after recovering from COVID-19, it could indicate bone exposure which leaves room for fungal attack. Hence, it is a sign you mustn’t ignore.

Discolouration of tongue and oral tissues

If you experience a sudden change of colour around your mouth such as lips, gums, or on your tongue (hard palate) it could indicate discolouration of oral tissues which is not a good sign. Hence, you must consult with your doctor to know their cause.

Gum Abscess

Gum abscess, also known as gum infection is said to be one of the early signs of Black Fungus. It causes white bumps filled with pus or painful gums due to which gums slide away from teeth. Gum abscess can also cause swelling or a bad taste in the mouth of some people. Consult your doctor if you observe any kind of infection in your teeth.

Pain in the jawbone

Another early symptom reported in Black fungus patients is a pain in the jawbone. This could be caused due to the spreading of the infection in the sinuses area. Tooth loss or dental infection can also cause pain in the jawbone. If you are experience pain in the jawbone along with headache and red eyes consult your doctor.

Numbness of the cheeks/ mouth

Many COVID-19 recovered patients have also reported numbness of cheeks or mouth on one side along with redness or high sensitivity. It could be a sign of early black fungus infection. You must seek expert advice if you are facing any of these symptoms or the sudden weakness of muscles in the mouth.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan