New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Pradosh Vrat is an auspicious festival and is observed in Hindu culture. It falls on the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight i.e. Trayodishi. Every Pradosh Vrat has a unique name according to the day it falls. This time the Pradosh Vrat will fall on Tuesday, thus it is known as Bhauma Pradosh Vrat. If the Pradosh Vrat falls on Monday, it is known as Soma Pradosh, and if it falls on Saturday, it is known as Shani Pradosh.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Pradosh Vrat falls twice a month, one is observed in the Krishna Paksha and the other one is observed in Shukla Paksha. On this day, the devotees keep a day-long fast and they open it the next day after performing puja.

When is Bhauma Pradosh Vrat in February?

The Bhauma Pradosh Vrat will be observed today on February 9.

What are the Puja timings of Bhauma Pradosh Vrat?

The auspicious time for puja will begin at 6:07 pm and will end at 8:42 pm.

Bhauma Pradosh Vrat Katha:

According to Hindu mythology, there was a widow brahmin woman who used to take alms in the morning and used to return back to his son in the evening. One day when she was returning from taking alms, on her way, she saw a beautiful boy on the banks of the river. The widow went up to him and asked who is he, the boy answered and said that he is the prince of Vidarbha Dharmagupta, and the enemies have killed his father and have annexed his kingdom. After knowing this, the woman adopted the little boy, and she raised both the boys.

However, after a long time, the woman with both her children went to the temple, where she met the sage Shandilya. As she met the sage, he told her that the boy she's been raising is the son of a king who was killed in the war, and thus, they need to observe Pradosh fast.

When the boy grew up, one day he was roaming around with his brother and he saw a beautiful Gandharva girl. He was so fascinated by her that he made the decision to meet her father. He went to Gandharva girl's father and introduced himself and said that he is the prince of Vidarbha country. After this, Gandharva girl's father agreed to their marriage, and with the help of the Gandharva army, he was able to regain his Vidarbha country.

To be noted, all this was the result of Pradosh Vrat, and it is said that the devotees who hear this Katha gets blessed by Lord Shiva and their life becomes fruitful.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma