New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The festival of Bhai Dooj, which is popularly known as 'Bhaubeej' and 'Bhai Tika', will be celebrated on November 16 this year. This auspicious festival is celebrated on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik and has special relevance in our culture. On this day, brothers and sisters exchange gifts with each other. While Bhai Dooj is celebrated with a lot of zeal and fervour across the country, this festival can also impact us astrologically. So here's how Bhai Dooj will affect your astrological sign:


This Dhanteras, you will get the much-needed support from your family members. You might get tired easily but your financial condition will improve. Investing in real estate can be beneficial.


This Bhai Dooj will be very lucky for you. Through the help of your sibling, you will be able to solve all your problems. Your health will also improve but you are advised to be a bit cautious about your finances.


You were having a tough time from the last few days. However, you not to worry as good times are ahead. Expect some help from your family members and your siblings. Industrialists and traders will be able to make some new investments.


A family reunion is on the cards! Expect a quality time with your siblings and you might plan for a vacation. However, you are suffering from a disease, then you need to be more cautious. Your financial condition will likely improve on this Bhai Dooj.


This Bhai Dooj will be very lucky for you. Expect a lot of surprises! Your financial condition will improve soon. You might also get a promotion in your professional life.


It will be an interesting Bhai Dooj for you as a lot of fun and entertainment is on the cards! You might also get a good news in your professional life and you won't need to worry about money as your financial condition is going to improve soon.


This will be an excellent Bhai Dooj for you! Your professional life will improve and you will get your stalled money back. Students of this astrological sign will have a particularly good day.


You might get emotional easily on this Bhai Dooj! Don't worry because it won't be because of a bad news. Your sibling will make this day special for you and you can expect to spend quality time with him or her.


You will be able to solve all your issues and problems with your sibling on this Bhai Dooj. Travelling is on the cards and expect some surprises at the end of the day. The financial situation is set to improve.


It will be a wonderful Bhai Dooj for you! A lot of surprises is expected and your sibling will make the day for you. However, you need to be calm and control your anger.


The stars suggest that you will travel to faraway places on this Bhai Dooj. Be a bit cautious about your financial condition and control your excitement.


If you are planning to gift something to your sibling, then this will be a good day for you. You will also be able to solve all your problems. However, you need to be a bit cautious about your finances.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma