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6 Best Places That Are A Must-Visit In Qatar

Qatar is currently hosting the biggest championship, FIFA World Cup 2022. A total of 32 teams are battling to become the World Champions across 64 matches in Qatar.

6 Best Places That Are A Must-Visit In Qatar
Image Credits: Pexels

FIFA WORLD Cup commemorated on November 18 in Qatar and will be played till December 18. It is the 22nd edition of the competition and is being held in Qatar this year. Qatar is a peninsular Arab country, which has it's state capital 'Doha' and is known for its ancient Islamic design architecture.

Rooted in Western Asia and known to be the largest transit gateway for overseas travellers, Qatar is all about the luxuries and adventures of life. It is world-renowned for its hospitality and witnesses huge numbers of tourists every year. According to Macrotrends, Qatar recorded a swift 2.68 per cent increase in its tourism in 2019. Therefore, we bring you a curated list of the best places to visit in Qatar for an impeccable experience.

1. Doha Desert

You can experience an exhilarating sunset safari in the Doha desert. The sand dunes of Qatar's desert offer a stark beauty and are a popular destination for a leisurely safari or amazing scenery. You can enjoy camel riding, dune bashing, roller-coaster riding and sliding sand dunes with a perfect sunset view.

2. Al-Zubarah Fortress

Also known as 'Fort Zubara', the Al-Zubarah Fortress is an ancient fort located on the western coast of Qatar and is the most iconic desert fort in the place. It is a UNESCO-designated fort and has an ancient structure which offers striking views.

3. Qatar National Museum

Surrounded by landscaped parks with dunes, crops and gardens, the Qatar National Museum is known for its rich culture and heritage. With intricate and distinctive designs, the museum adds to the beauty of the place.

4. The Corniche

The Corniche is a mesmerising cycle lane with parks and beaches along with luxurious hotels. 7 km away from Doha, the beauty and aura of this place attract thousands of tourists every year. It is one of the best places to witness the harmony of man and nature.

5. Purple Island

Purple Island used to be a dye production site which gave it its name. Also known as Al Khor Island, the beauty and scenic views of this island will definitely overwhelm you. There is no entry fee to Purple Island and is one of the most visited places in Qatar.

6. Lusail Icon Stadium

Hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022, Lusail Icon Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Qatar and is owned by Qatar Football Association. It is built on the outskirts of Doha and is designated for over 200,000 inhabitants. If you're going to the FIFA games matches, you can tour Lusail town, which offers lots of entertainment for football fans while they wait for their matches to start.

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