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Bengaluru Man Dies After Suffering Epileptical Attack During Sex; Know About Epilepsy And Its Symptoms

A man dies in Bengaluru as a result of an epileptic attack; learn more about epileptic attacks. What are its symptoms and what is it?

Bengaluru Man Dies After Suffering Epileptical Attack During Sex; Know About Epilepsy And Its Symptoms
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IN A shocking case reported from Bengaluru, body of a 67-year-old businessman was found in a garbage bag on last week in city's JP Nagar area. Reportedly, the victim's girlfriend and her husband allegedly killed the victim and dumped the body in an isolated area.

According to a report by News18, the 67-year-old businessman suffered an epileptic attack while engaging in sexual intercourse with the woman at her house. The two are said to be in a relationship.  

The woman then dialled her brother and her husband, who both assisted her in packing the businessman's body into a garbage bag before discarding it at a completely remote location in JP Nagar. The woman reportedly said that she did this to get over their fear of being ridiculed in society.

When the authorities investigated the call recrds of the victim, they discovered that he had visited his girlfriend's home, after which the entire scenario came to light. The girlfriend then admitted to disposing of the body because she didn't want to disclose their relationship to anyone.

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder characterised by irregular brain activity. It may result in seizures or episodes of strange behaviour and feelings, and occasionally a loss of awareness. While some people need ongoing medication to manage their seizures, others finally experience a cessation of their seizures.

What signs or symptoms of epilepsy are there?

Seizures can disrupt any brain-coordinated process since epilepsy is brought on by aberrant brain activity. Some seizure warning signs and symptoms include:

  1. Temporary perplexity
  2. A bout of staring
  3. Rigid muscles
  4. Jerky, uncontrollable arm and leg movements
  5. Loss of awareness or consciousness
  6. Psychological signs like worry, terror, or déjà vu
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