New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The 'let's laugh day' is almost here and just like you even we can't contain our excitement. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about April Fools' Day 2021 which is here to make everyone go LOL. This day is a much-needed antidote to whatever is happening in the tough times of COVID-19's global pandemic. So, let's forget all the worry and get set to smile a little by trying out some interesting pranks. Yeah, we have listed out a number of prank ideas which you may try out amidst staying at home during quarantine. Take a look:

Caramel onions

We all have tried our hands at cooking during covid lockdown. But have you ever tried cooking to fool someone? Well, try dipping an onion in a caramel syrup and add a stick to it which will make it look like a dessert. The chocolate ball-like 'sweet treat' will be so tempting that whoever will eat it will get a taste of their life.

Insect on the lamp

Take cutouts of cockroach-like insects on a paper and stick them under your lamp shade. The shadow formed will make it look like as if there is actually an insect under your lamp. 

Fake food

Almost similar to the onion aka chocolate ball idea above. Cut a piece of cardboard and add some sauces over it so that it looks like a pizza and then try and get people to taste it. Make sure people do not swallow it. 

Photo replacements

Replace some family photos on your home's gallery with the ones of the celebs. To add a little more fun to it, you can even try and morph a pic of a celeb to that with your mum and dad's.

'Call out my name'

Well, this one's exactly how it sounds like. Just record an audio of you calling out your family member. Hide that phone and time the recording to play from one room. Make sure you are in the other room when the voice plays. As soon as they will hear you they will rush to check on you and meanwhile when you'll show up from another room they will freak out. 

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta