New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Annakoot Puja 2021 is another name of Govardhan Puja, which falls on the fourth day of the Diwali festival and is being celebrated today. Annakoot means mountain of food, wherein chappan (56) vegetarian delicacies are prepared and traditionally arranged in tiers in front of Lord Krishna and other deities. Usually, the sweets are placed at the top, followed by vegetables, pulses and fried savoury foods. Also, a mound of cooked grains is placed in the centre.

In Swaminarayan shikharbaddh mandirs, sadhus begin to arrange the Annakoot in the morning and finish before noon.

Annakoot Puja 2021: Date & Shubh Muhurat

Date: November 5, Friday

Pratipada Tithi Begins - 02:44 AM on Nov 05, 2021

Pratipada Tithi Ends - 11:14 PM on Nov 05, 2021

Govardhan Puja Pratahkala Muhurat - 06:36 AM to 08:47 AM

Govardhan Puja Sayankala Muhurat - 03:22 PM to 05:33 PM

Annakoot Puja 2021: Significance

The auspicious day is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Krishna over Lord Indra, where Lord Krishna saved the people of Gokul by lifting the Govardhan Hill. As per Hindu belief, it is a day to be thankful to God and mother nature for protecting and blessing their devotees.

Annakoot Puja 2021: Celebration

Devotees view this day as an opportunity to transmit religious and cultural values to their children. The auspicious day is celebrated by decorating the entrance of their house with diyas and rangoli (with coloured rice or flower).

The Annakoot festival is also celebrated annually at approximately 3,850 BAPS Mandirs and centres, throughout the glove in a day-long event. During the festival, Swaminarayan devotees offer a large variety of satvik food to Hindu deities, including Swaminarayan and Lord Krishna.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv