Vienna/New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The US diplomats in Austria’s capital Vienna have reported a mysterious illness known as Havana Syndrome, first identified in Havana, Cuba.  According to reports in the US media, ever since Donald Trump left the White House and Joe Biden took over in January this year, more than 20 officials have reported symptoms similar to Havana Syndrome, a mystery brain illness. 

Havana syndrome: Causes

The causes of Havana syndrome are largely unexplained. However, the US scientists say that its most probable cause is microwave radiation. Scientists say that so far they haven’t found any evidence of Havana syndrome being contagious like the viral diseases.

What is Havana syndrome: Symptoms and effect on human body?

Victims of Havana Syndrome report a varying set of symptoms and physical sensations, including sudden vertigo, nausea, headaches and head pressure, sometimes accompanied by a "piercing directional noise."

According to a report in CNN, some US diplomats even reported being able to "step in" and "step out" of these sensations by physically moving their bodies elsewhere.

The cases of Havana syndrome in Vienna were first reported by the New Yorker magazine this Friday. The report was later confirmed by the US State Department, as it said that they are "vigorously investigating" these cases.

Taking reports of Havana syndrome 'very seriously': Austria

Later on Sunday, the Austrian government reacted on the development and informed that it had initiated an investigation into the sudden appearance of Havana syndrome cases among the US diplomats functioning out of Vienna.

"We take these reports very seriously and, according to our role as the host state, are working with the US authorities on a joint solution," the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs said in a media statement on Sunday.

"The security of diplomats dispatched to Austria and their families is of utmost priority for us," the ministry added.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma