New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Alzheimer's is a brain disorder that causes the brain to shrink affecting memory, thinking skills and ability to carry out day to day activities. The disease is a common cause of dementia found in older adults. The main feature of Alzheimer's disease is tangles and plaques, and another feature is the loss of connections between neurons in the brain.

Alzheimer's disease: Symptoms

Early signs of the disease is forgetting recent conversations or events and as it progress it worsens the situations. Here have a look at the list of symptoms:

- Repeat statements and questions over and over

- Get lost in familiar places

- Forget their own name and of family members

- Have trouble talking or expressing thoughts

- Trouble falling asleep

- Difficulty in chewing and swallowing

So if a family is taking care of an Alzheimer's patient then they need to be alert and patient as he/she might become agitated. They might also throw stuff to keep a person away from them. Here we are with some take-care tips that will help you in managing the tasks effectively. Check out below:

- Plan daily routine and try to keep inflexible so that patient doesn't get agitated and is able to enjoy the tasks.

- All the daily tasks such as bathing, eating meals, etc will take longer than usual. So you are advised to be prepared.

- Limit the napping period and involve some activities such as exercise, dancing, etc, as it will exhaust them and be able to have a sound sleep at night.

- Create a safe environment such as ensuring all the doors have locks, especially on cabinets that contain alcohol, medicine, sharp objects, etc.

- Keep them company by intiating small conversations as it will keep them engaged and they will not feel aloof.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv