New Delhi | Jagran Brand Desk: The heart is one of the most important muscles in the human body that works round the clock. It continuously pumps blood and oxygen to the body.  It is so busy that it beats about 2.5 billion times on an average throughout one’s lifetime. Imagine!! Taking millions of gallons of blood to all the organs. Thus, keeping your heart safe and healthy is an essential function that all human beings should perform. For that, you should have all the important information about your heart so that you can provide the care it needs.

Common signs of heart disease

It might be a possibility that one may not be able to detect the early signs of heart diseases so it is important to have regular checkups but there are some signs that can be alarming and must be taken into consideration immediately.

•           Experience pain in the shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back

•           Numbness, and/or tingling effect in the shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back

•           Experience frequent Shortness of breath sometimes even during rest

•           Chest pain during physical activity

•           Feeling of lightheadedness

•           Feeling of dizziness

•           Experience confusion

•           Frequent headaches

•           Cold sweats

•           Feeling of nausea/vomiting

•           Tiredness

•           Experience swelling in the ankles, feet, legs, stomach, and/or neck

•           Get physically less active

•           Ability to exercise gets reduced

•           Face problems in performing day to day activities

What causes heart health to deteriorate?

Over a period of time, the muscles of the heart get weak and this can result in many problems related to the heart. Heart disease is generally caused by atherosclerosis. It means the fatty acids gets deposited in the walls of the arteries that can cause blockage in the heart and can lead to angina pain or even heart attack.

There are many factors that can contribute to heart ailments. Some of them are:

High Blood pressure

The heart pumps blood and oxygen to all parts of the vital organs of the body. In case you experience high blood pressure persistently then it can put a lot of strain on the walls of the arteries and this can lead to various heart ailments that can prove fatal for the person.

High cholesterol

If the level of cholesterol increases in the blood it increases the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks. Bad cholesterol can contribute to artery-clogging plaque that shrinks the arteries and limit the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. That’s why it’s best to get your cholesterol levels checked through the test.

To keep your cholesterol levels under control it is important to eat healthily that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts and have a low-fat diet and avoid sugary foods and drinks.  It is always good to get involved in physical activities and quit smoking to control cholesterol.


If you are obese then you are more likely to catch heart ailments as these individuals require more blood to supply oxygen to their bodies. This leads to an increase in blood pressure as the body requires more pressure to move this blood to all the parts of the body. In this way, it can become a major cause of heart problems.


Smoking increases the risk of heart ailments as it allows the plaque to builds up inside the coronary arteries. It becomes a major risk factor for heart disease as the arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart while the building of plague restricts the supply of oxygen and blood and the condition is called atherosclerosis.


Alcohol is a source of excess calories and a cause of weight gain leading to obesity and can be harmful in the long term. Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to high blood pressure and weakens the heart muscles that make the heart inefficient in pumping the blood and cause heart failure or stroke.


Stress can be a major factor behind heart problems as it triggers heart ailments to a large extent. It leads to poor flow of blood to the heart muscles and thus, the heart doesn't get enough blood or oxygen.  Long-term stress can also cause blood clots making the blood sticky and increases the risk of stroke or heart attack in people.


Heart ailments can be inherited from the family. If you have a family history of heart disease then you are more likely to catch heart diseases like arrhythmias, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and high blood cholesterol.

Important points to note

If we look at the above factors that mostly contribute to heart diseases, then most of them are linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. All our health issues start with unhealthy food habits. Good oil can be your lifelong pal and can help in maintaining your health thus, no compromises should be done on that part.

Many pieces of research have also shown that being physically inactive, involved in smoking or alcoholism, having hypertension, or high cholesterol, leading a stressful life all played a major role in contributing to heart disease. Thus, it is very important to adopt a lifestyle that is full of good habits. It starts with the following:

•           Choosing a healthy edible oil for cooking food

•           A balanced diet that is free from fat and bad cholesterol

•           Get physically active and get involved in exercise, cycling, or yoga

•           Limit the intake of alcohol

•           Quitting smoking

•           Maintain a healthy weight

•           Living a stressfree life

•           Managing other ailments with proper medication

Sourav Ganguly's heart issue is an alarming incident, but what caused it?

As the BCCI chief, Sourav Ganguly suffered a mild heart attack, news started pouring everywhere and raised a lot of question as to why it happens? Sourav Ganguly leads a perfectly healthy lifestyle. He doesn’t drink, smoke is physically active but had blockages in three coronary arteries. The doctors claimed that he has a family history of Ischemic heart disease so the major factor that caused the heart attack is hereditary.

His ailment was recognized as Ischemic heart disease. This comes from the word ‘Ischemia’ which means the inadequate supply of blood. 90% blockage in the right coronary artery, left circumflex artery and left anterior descending artery lead to a mild heart attack.

In his case, the lower left chamber of the heart was unable to get adequate blood supply due to blocked arteries. This lead to the abnormal functioning of the heart. Sourav Ganguly underwent a surgery that helped the former Indian captain to get restored to good health.

A healthy heart is a way to lead a healthy life and all individuals should work on the same lines that can have a positive impact on the lives of the people. 

(Disclaimer: The article has been written by the Brand Desk.)

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma