New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Valentine’s Day is around the corner and couples around the globe are gearing up to paint the town red. Sometimes under an adrenaline rush, things people do for love can be shocking. Be it going out of their ways to profess love or to promise something to their partner, drama is in our genes. And all thanks to Bollywood films’ cheezy dialogues like ‘I can jump off a cliff for you’ have been a hit for all the ages.

But who knew that even in these times, people can actually dare something like this for real. Yes, recently, we came a cross a picture of a couple on Twitter where the guy can be seen almost hanging mid-air on an edge of a clip while the woman is holding him from one hand. The picture was captioned as, "What's stopping you from doing this?"


As soon as the photo was uploaded, it took the internet by storm and people from all over started commenting and questioning whether the pic was for real as the stunt seemed pretty dangerous. Meanwhile, some users thought that it was photoshopped.

Check out the reactions of Twitter users here:

However, after the photo went viral and created quite a stir on social media, Twitterati identified the location in the picture which was of a Gulek Castle in Turkey and shared a long zoomed out shot of the cliff which didn’t seem scary as it had a piece of land under the cliff instead of a sharp drop. So, the whole incident was nothing but a cleverly captured picture that featured a long and deep valley under the guy’s leg.


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Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal