New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The auspicious occasion of Achala Saptami is celebrated on the seventh day of Maagh’s Shukl Paksha. This day is also known as Rath Saptami, Surya Saptami, or Arogya Saptami. According to the Hindu rituals, the devotees should worship God Surya (the sun) and by worshipping the lord Sun, devotees get the boon of health, light, wealth. This year the Achala Saptami is falling on Feb 19. Take a look at the significance, timings, and other important information about the auspicious day.

Importance of Achla Saptami

According to mythological beliefs, Surya Dev appeared on the chariot of seven horses on the seventh day of Shukl Paksh of Maagh month. Therefore, this date is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the Sun God, which is also known as the Surya Jayanti. It is also believed that worshiping the Sun on this day is auspicious for those who are trying to have babies.

Achla Saptami 2021 Date

The Saptami Tithi/date of the Shukl Paksh of Maagh month starts from 08:17 am on February 18, which will end on February 19 at 10:58 am. For Achala Saptami, Udayatithi that is the sunrise is happening on February 19, so it is best to observe a fast and perform the puja of Achala Saptami on Friday.

Achala Saptami 2021 Auspicious Timing

On this day, devotees should take bath and offer water to the sun god in the morning between 05:14 am to 06:56 am. The total time you will get to perform the puja is 1 hour 42 minutes.

Sunrise on Achla Saptami 2021

On Achla Saptami sunrise is expected to be at 06:32 am while the full sun will be up at 06:56 am in the morning. In the evening of this day, the sun will set at 06:14 pm.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal