5 Common Mistakes Made By People While Making Coffee

Stop making these mistakes while making yourself a cup of coffee.

5 Common Mistakes Made By People While Making Coffee
Image Credit: Pexels

ONE OF coffee's best qualities is its ability to provide solutions to all of our day's difficulties. Coffee pays attention to all of our needs, whether they are to raise our drooping eyelids, overcome an energy slump, combat the chills, or just recover from last night's hangover. However, if the coffee is subpar, everything will be destroyed. So it takes talent to make coffee the way a barista does. Therefore, the following mistakes should be avoided when making coffee:

Not Properly Storing Coffee

It's acceptable to purchase pre-roasted coffee in order to save time and work, but you run the risk of storing it incorrectly.

You should be aware that the roasted beans have many microscopic holes that allow moisture to be absorbed while also changing the flavour of the beans. As a result, you must take extra care to store them in an airtight container at room temperature in a cool location.

Avoid Bulk Bean Grinding

Although grinding the beans in bulk can save time, it is not a smart idea if you want flavorful coffee in each cup. It's better to grind them in batches because doing so prevents the loss of flavour and scent.

Once More, Avoid Roasting The Beans In Quantity

If you enjoy roasting and making your own coffee at home, try to roast only enough beans to last a week. Then, to preserve the flavour, store the leftover roasted beans in an airtight jar.

Using Coffee And Water In The Incorrect Proportion

Use 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds and 180 ml of water to make a respectable cup of coffee.

Pouring Hot Water Over Coffee

Therefore, if you're brewing coffee on the stovetop and you just heated some water before pouring it straight onto the coffee powder, halt! Boiling hot water could burn the coffee. The water should be between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius in temperature. It's a good idea to boil the water, then wait 50-1 minute for it to cool before pouring it over the coffee. 

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