New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: In today’s episode of NayaBharat, Jagran HiTech’s editor Siddhartha Sharma was joined by Amarjit Singh Batra, Managing Director Spotify India. During the conversation, the two discussed the changes and challenges in audio streaming industry and several other issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Siddhartha Sharma- What kind of challenges has the audio streaming industry faced because of Covid-19?

Amarjit Singh Batra - The audio streaming industry has faced three types of challenges because of Covid-19. The first challenge was that people were packed into homes in lockdown, due to which the craze of listening to music while walking or travelling was almost stopped. However, gradually, people have started listening to songs while working in homes. New film songs stopped coming in due to the lockdown, due to which non-film songs started getting more attention, which has been enough for the audio streaming industry in this era. With this, people have started podcasts in their free time. India is a creative nation, and people have also started using Spotify's platform ‘Anchor’ to make their podcasts.

Siddhartha Sharma - Spotify is also known for trend reports. In such a situation, tell us what kind of trends have emerged in lockdown?

Amarjit Singh Batra - Some fun trends have emerged in the lockdown. We noticed that people started using Spotify through the app on TV while staying at home for more time. Also, the trend of listening to music during work has increased on the laptop. Apart from this, the consumption of chilling music has increased the most. For this, the demand for religious songs and music has increased. During this time a special trend has emerged, where people are listening to a lot of music while working in lockdown. On Spotify, people started mopping up the name of their playlists. Also, people have created music streaming playlists of cooking. The third trend was seen regarding health. Meaning people could not go for a walk due to lockdown, could not go to the gym. In this situation, people started doing workouts at home. This increased the consumption of music for workouts. These most distinct podcasts are growing rapidly in India. In the lockdown, people have worked to upskill and motivate themselves from the Podcast.

Siddhartha Sharma- Video creators and influencers are seen on social media platforms. What kind of podcaster can be found on Spotify?

Amarjit Singh Batra - Postcast has arrived fully. It is inside our culture. As a child, we used to hear stories from parents. We got a history from the story itself, which was a bit lost in the culture. But once again people have started listening to music instead of sitting on the screen. We do a global podcast with India. Also, we do our Origin Podcast. Last year we acquired Podcast and Gimlet Company, which are working in this direction. In India, we have launched Origin Podcasts. We also podcast the stories of the army's special mission, which will surprise you. I believe there will be a Wave of Content Podcast in India soon. Meaning if you are creative, and have a good idea, you can prepare a good podcast.

Siddhartha Sharma- What kind of changes are you seeing in the music streaming industry's business plan after Covid-19? And what are the preparations to get the business back on track again?

Amarjit Singh Batra - Spotify has 300 million users globally. But in India, piracy has increased considerably in the last few years. People in rural India currently listen to music in piracy mode by downloading songs on the pen drive, while music is available on Spotify for free. According to me, the reason for liking Spotify is the variety of playlists, including workouts, cooking, which are changing the way people listen to music. Spotify, as is known, was launched in February last year. In such a situation, we are quite new in this streaming music business. But we are moving fast on it.

Spotify is partnering with Music Artists also. I believe music should be for everyone. In such a situation, people should not go towards piracy. Also, people will have to adopt streaming vehicles. Also, people will have to tell that apart from what you are hearing, there is a lot to hear. We have a large collection of music with films, which have a long history. We are starting a radar series where we are promoting a new artist. We have just started its latest playlist, in which we are promoting artists like Sandeep Bhattacharya, globally. Also in India Spotify is bringing back the culture of background music. These artists will get recognition not only in India but globally.

Siddhartha Sharma - What is your message for our viewers and readers about the new India after COVID-19?

Amarjit Singh Batra - From the stage on which India is, it can become a superpower soon. But for this, we have to work hard. We have to improve our productivity. Although productivity is not improved by seeing the screen, for that we have to refine our talent. Wherever you are working. I believe that if you leave the screen and go to the audio, then you will see the improvement.

Posted By: Talib Khan