New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: Jagran HiTech‚Äö√Ą√īs new series #NayaBharat campaign has been started to raise awareness about the safety in wake of the coronavirus pandemic and also to monitor the functioning of the automobile industry, which is considered as the one of the most important pillar of the economy.  

Today is the second episode of #NayaBharat, in which Jagran HiTech editor Siddhartha Sharma interacted with Puneet Anand, Senior General Manager, Group Head - Corporate Affairs, Hyundai India. In today‚Äö√Ą√īs episode, how the industry will emerge after the global epidemic is over and all kinds of issues including manufacturing were discussed. Also, what is the new normal for new India was also discussed.

Siddhartha Sharma - How did Covid-19 and lockdown affect Hyundai's business?

Puneet Anand - Covid-19 has had an impact on the whole world with India. India is a big super power right now. We are a population of 1.3 billion people. At the time when Europe was suffering from the peak of this virus, we did not even have so many problems, yet with a great understanding, Prime Minister Modi had announced te nation-wide lockdown from March. India is much stronger than the rest of the countries in terms of the fight against Covid-19. If I talk about the auto world, then the clear effect of Covid-19 is being seen. The auto world has been going through a negative phase for the last two years. There have always been some challenges in the auto sector, whether we talk about Kerala floods or the new standards implemented in the auto sector. Due to all these, our economy has seen a slight decline. The auto sector was down by 18% in the last financial year. Despite this, India is a strong country with 26 vehicles per 1000 people. There is also a lot of scope in this country as well. Due to this, we still have confidence that we will gradually overtake this epidemic and move forward.


Siddhartha Sharma - What are Hyundai's plans after the lockdown and how will the company's business improve?

Puneet Anand - When the lockdown was scheduled to be lifted on May 4, we had made complete preparations to start Hyundai's Chennai-based factory. Our team, our administration, all the employees were connected and it is a very important thing for us to start the factory because there are about ten thousand people involved with it. Now we can move forward with small steps, but I think in the coming time, as the factories open up, the economy will show improvement.


Siddhartha Sharma - Do you think the automobile industry will move towards digitization in the coming days?

Puneet Anand - We started preparing for it last year. We started the pilot project last year, which is called the Click to buy platform. It is now ready to a great extent. At the moment all our dealers can access the Click to buy platform. It is a platform where all kinds of facilities like customer awareness, comparison, test drive, finance application are available. It is said that in buying a car, people have to pass through 26 points. Currently, we have digitized every point from planning to delivery of the car for the customer. It also includes a test drive, which means that the customer can call the car home for a test drive as per his convenience and now we can make home delivery instead of showroom delivery.

Siddhartha Sharma - The government has given a relief package of Rs 20 lakh crore for the revival of economy, what do you think about it?

Puneet Anand - The relief package by PM Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman showed some kind of investment on every issue. The government has announced a relief package keeping all the people in mind, which was especially for small businessmen. This relief package was very important for them. But in the long term, it would be better for the government to announce a relief package or rebate for manufacturing and heavy industries. Till now the relief package has been quite a balance.

Siddhartha Sharma - What will be your message for the automobile industry that how can they overcome the situation during this crisis?

Puneet Anand - My message will not only be for the automotive industry, but for the people of the whole country. I believe that this battle cannot be won alone. So my message is to keep yourself and your family safe and follow the government‚Äö√Ą√īs guidelines. Today it is said that if there is life, then there is the world. If our people are strong, capable, then the productivity of our country will always increase. The economy also runs along with our security. In such a situation, I request people to help to grow the economy at every level. Covid-19 disease is not going to go away soon, and because of that we have to learn to live with it, this will be new normal and for that we have to bring confidence in ourselves and present India as a strong country and along with this doing Namaskar is also the new normal, which people have to learn to follow. 

Posted By: Talib Khan