Jagran Exclusive | Rajnath Singh confident of a repeat of 2017 for BJP in UP Polls, says 'all myths will be shattered'

UP Polls 2022: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh contends that Yogi Adityanath's Chief Ministerial tenure has been a better one than all other previous Chief Ministers of the state including himself.

Jagran Exclusive | Rajnath Singh confident of a repeat of 2017 for BJP in UP Polls, says 'all myths will be shattered'
Rajnath Singh at an election rally in Lucknow on February 19 | Twitter/@rajnathsingh

Lucknow | Jagran News Desk: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh believes that the BJP government will come back to power in the state of Uttar Pradesh and that’s the way the myth that a government cannot retain the power in state, will be shattered. Rajnath Singh relents that Yogi Adityanath’s period and counts the reason for this.

Excerpts from Rajnath Singh's exclusive interview with Dainik Jagran on elections and other issues.

Question: The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has never been repeated. Do you think this myth will be broken this time?

Rajnath Singh: Yes absolutely. For BJP, we’ll have the same result as we had in 2017. There may be a slight difference but our party will meet the target of crossing 300 seats. The last phase of elections is in Poorvanchal and from here we will get a big lead. Good governance and development will break the myth this time. The myth of staying on the post of Chief Minister for five years, going to Noida and not going to Noida and not forming the government again will be broken.

Question: You know the land of Uttar Pradesh very well. Is the mafia dominance over?

Rajnath Singh: It is nearing its end. Due to the tough stand of Yogi Adityanath government, people of wrong conduct are definitely in panic right now. At present, no one has the courage to defy the law.

Question: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come to be known as 'Bulldozer Baba'. The opposition criticises this noun. What do you reckon?

Rajnath Singh: It's just that the kind of action they took to control law and order was very effective. Bulldozer is meant to destroy the mafia system in the favor of a common man. Bulldozer is also a tool for development work. In this era, it is used in all the big projects. Actually, the opposition doesn't have issues? They are confusing. One does not become 'Bulldozer Baba' by running a bulldozer.

Question: What would you like to say to the people of Poorvanchal?

Rajnath Singh: We will meet the test of their expectations. People should remember the saying of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi that only fifteen paise of a rupee from Delhi reaches to them. This perception has changed. Now if six thousand rupees are given to someone, then the entire money reaches. This was possible only by curbing corruption.

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