New Delhi | Urvashi Kapoor: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the work from home period is becoming increasingly inevitable for many organizations. For a number of employees, the experience is not only new but it’s also dreaded. In the recent interview of Jagran Dialogues, Jagran New Media’s Chief Sub Editor Urvashi Kapoor spoke with Dr Anant Parashar, MD, Internal Medicine, Pushpanjali Hospitals, Gurgaon regarding the mental and physical health effects of working from home and how to prevent them.

Here are the excerpts from the conversation:

Q. Many people are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, while going to the office, people used to travel and perform some form of physical activity which is not possible at home now. How should one take care of his/her fitness while working from home?

Dr Anant: Earlier while going to the office, there was some form of physical activity, which is not possible while working from home, people are glued to their computer screens and spend a lot of time sitting. It is important to follow certain points. One should not sit for long hours, instead one should walk a little after every half an hour or 45 minutes. One should spend some time in the sunlight, and keep themselves hydrated. Take 15-minute breaks after every one or two hours, and talk to people around you. Stretch and perform light exercises such as walking, etc.

Q: Working from home has affected the eating habits of some people. As a doctor, what do you have to say about this?

Dr Anant: While regularly going to the office, people used to follow a routine, be it for eating, sleeping, working etc. But now, when people are working from home, they compromise on their health. People should follow the same routine, wake up at the same time, dress up and follow the same eating as well as working routine as they used to do when they had to go to the office. This will not invite health issues such as obesity, insomnia, weight gain, depression, etc. and will make you energetic and fit like before.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan