New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Medical sciences have different ways to heal and protect our bodies from different types of health concerns, one of them is plastic surgery. It is a surgical specialty that can be used to restore or reconstruct the functioning of the human body or improve its appearance.

In this episode of Jagran Dialogues Urvashi Kapoor, Associate Editor, Jagran New Media and Subhasish Dutta, Deputy Editor, Jagran New Media spoke to Dr. Ankit Gupta, Chief Plastic Surgeon, Panache aesthetics and Dr. Amrita More, Assistant professor, Department of Burns Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery, VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, to talk about different aspects of plastic surgery.

Here's is an expert from the interview:

Question: What is plastic surgery and why is it named so?

Dr. Amrita More: There is a common misconception that the word plastic surgery comes from plastic. Usually, people think that plastic surgery involves the use of plastic material. However, this is not the case. The word plastic comes from a green work which means 'to mold'. In our field, the word is used because we reconstruct skin-related issues. Plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgeries as well as cosmetic surgeries. Reconstructive surgeries are used to restore the functional activities of patients such as loss of tissue etc. On the other hand, cosmetic surgeries are used for beautification. Overall, plastic surgery is used to address various types of diseases from head to toe.

Question: What is cosmetic surgery and how is it different from plastic surgery?

Dr. Ankit Gupta: Cosmetic surgery is not a separate branch in itself. Just like plastic surgery is a specialty, cosmetic surgery is its sub-specialty. It is a small part of plastic surgery which involves treatment for beautification. It also helps in the emotional and psychological wellbeing of patients.

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Posted By: Sugandha Jha