New Delhi | Pratyush Ranjan: The importance of Ayurved and Yoga for healthier living is an undeniable topic. The age-old tradition of both Ayurved and Yoga has contributed to treating various health-related issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and respiratory diseases. Even during the COVID pandemic, Ayurved and Yoga served as means to boost the immunity to fight against the deadly virus.

In the recent episode of Jagran Dialogue, Pratyush Ranjan, Executive Editor, Jagran New Media spoke to Dr. Kamlesh Bhogayata Associate professor in P.G. Department of Dravyaguna, Govt. Ayurved medical college, Vadodara (Gujarat) to talk about the contribution of Ayurved and Yoga in treating health issues during and post the COVID pandemic.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Question: How can we improve our immunity with the help of Yoga and Ayurved?

Dr. Kamlesh: Your question is very good and meaningful because several other diseases came before the coronavirus, and will also come after that. So the only solution to be safe against all such viruses is our immunity. Immunity can help a large part of our country's population from virus spread.

Immunity is of two types - natural and acquired. Natural immunity is transferred to us by our ancestral genes. On the other hand, acquired immunity can be increased up to an extent. But it cannot be done overnight. In order to increase immunity, a system needs to be developed, our body needs to understand, and whatever is suitable for our body - needs to be adapted.

Some tried and tested tips are having a healthy diet, which not only includes calculating how much protein and carbohydrate you need to consume in a day but also understanding whether your body is capable of digesting whatever you are eating throughout the day. If your body is unable to digest what you are eating, you won't get any nutritional value out of it. The second thing we need to understand is what combination of food we need to take.

Question: In order to boost immunity during the pandemic, a lot of people blindly consumed natural concoctions which also had an adverse effect on their health. What are your views on it?

Dr. Kamlesh: Many people misunderstood Auerveda here. Like in modern science, paracetamol will definitely affect fever. Its properties will be seen to be similar to everyone. But it's not the same case in Ayurveda. We have a concept of 'prakruti'. I would like to ask a basic question. We all have different sleep cycles, hunger patterns, physical strength, mental capabilities, basal metabolic rate, and body mass. When we all are so different, then how can we have the same medicine for everyone? So whoever thinks Giloy is helpful in immunity must understand it is not for everybody. You should educate yourself about it first. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments must be carried out under expert guidance only.

Question: Why Yoga should have an important place in our lives in the present times?

Dr. Kamlesh: Similar to Ayurveda, we have misunderstood Yoga as well. The majority of people consider Yoga as something physical or only about Asanas. However, that's not the case. I told you that good health is a balanced combination of mental health, physical health, social health, and spiritual health. So, the ultimate purpose of Yoga is to achieve this with our body as a medium. Yoga is a complete and divine medical science. Yoga helps us to be one with our natural surroundings. This is one of the biggest things about Yoga.

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Posted By: Sugandha Jha