New Delhi | Urvashi Kapoor: Women in modern times face a lot of health issues due to the high-paced technology-driven lifestyle. Some of the common problems that affect the lives of women in the present are infertility, PCOD, menopause, and other hormone-related issues. Since women are an integral part of our society, their health is of prime importance to us. That's why we bring you an exclusive discussion on IVF, fertility treatment, and assisted conception. 

In this episode of Jagran Dialogues, Urvashi Kapoor, Associate Editor, Jagran New Media spoke with Dr. Seema Sehgal, Medical superintendent & HOD, MKW hospital, Director, It's My Baby IVF Center and Dr. Megha Malik Aneja, Infertility and IVF Specialist. 

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Question: What is infertility and what are its causes?

Dr. Megha Malik Aneja: Infertility is a condition when a woman is not able to conceive for a year. In the case of the woman whose age is above 35 years, infertility is caused when she is not able to conceive for six months. If women are not able to conceive for such a long time period, they should consult an infertility specialist or at least a gynecologist. Nowadays couples even take pre-conceiving counselling to plan the hassle-free birth of their baby. There are different reasons for infertility. In a normal pregnancy, the ovaries get the sperm to produce the baby. However, if there is a problem in the ovary like a cyst, PCOD, blocked tubes, or infection- then there can be a problem in pregnancy.  

Infertility can also be caused if there is a problem with the male counterpart. For example, if their sperm count is less, or the motility of the sperm is not good. Another important factor in men is erectile dysfunction. It can also cause infertility. That is why timely consultation with the doctor is necessary to avoid this problem. 

Question: What are the reasons for increasing infertility cases

Dr. Seema Sehgal: One of the main reasons behind the increasing infertility cases is a lifestyle. The younger generation, nowadays, lives a very stressful life. It decreases the quality of our eggs. So, the first thing that is affecting this phenomenon is environmental factors like pollution and global warming. Second, the technology that we use today has a lot of radiation which affects our health. People also face sleep disorders due to target-related jobs. Some people have night shifts, which is also not good for health because our hormones are better released in the morning.  Plus adulterated dietary habits which is a common thing in youngsters also contribute to this. All these factors apply to both men and women.

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Posted By: Sugandha Jha