New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Dengue cases are on an absolute spike in the country and it is affecting people of all ages especially children. Amidst this seasonal disease, the danger of COVID-19 still hasn't been wiped off. Therefore, it gets even more necessary to take proper precautions and safety measures for your kids to save them from these deadly viruses.

In the latest episode of Jagran Dialogues, Urvashi Kapoor, Associate Editor, Jagran New Media and Subhasish Dutta, Deputy Editor, Jagran New Media spoke to Dr. Hanish Bajaj, Pediatrician, Meddo Chubby Cheeks Child Care Clinic and Dr. Sowjanya SVNS, Consultant Neonatologist, Fernandez Hospital, Bogulkunta on the topic of children's health and safety. 

Question - Dengue is one of the main threats these days and amidst the rainy season how can we save our children?

Dr. Hanish - Dengue is a viral infection that usually happens in the rainy season during the months of July to October because of waterlogging. We can save the children from this illness, just try and avoid waterlogging, keep windows closed, make them wear fully covered clothes, and use mosquito repellents. Give them a healthy diet and keep them hydrated and despite the precaution if your child contracts the disease don't panic about the platelets as this is curable. Just consult a doctor and undergo necessary treatment.

Question - Schools have opened in our country but there are still no vaccines available for kids. Amidst this how to take care of children's safety?

Dr. Sowjanya - Firstly, the COVID-19 vaccine is not available for children yet therefore one has to take safety precautions at home. If their family members are vaccinated that means they are well-protected and the chances of the child getting infected are very less. Apart from this, if parents are sending their children to school and they are above the age of 5 years then make them wear masks for COVID-19 safety. But if your child is below 5 then it gets a little difficult to maintain a mask on their face. Therefore, teach them the basics of hygiene that how to properly wear masks and keep their hands sanitized. Besides that, let them know that they should not touch their mask again and again. Also, parents should also keep a check that schools are following the norms of social distancing and hand washing etc.

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Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal