New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Slain gangster Vikas Dubey’s wife has said that she was unaware of her husband’s criminal activities and that she had not lived with him since 1998 and was only in touch with him regarding family matters and their two children.

In an interview to India Today, Richa Dubey said that while she knew Vikas was short-tempered, she never thought he would commit such a crime like killing policemen.

Richa claimed that had she been present at the house at the time of encounter, she would have shot her husband since she is a widow now and can feel the pain of wives of policemen who were killed in the Kanpur massacre.

“Policemen are our protectors, we cannot hurt them. Had I been present there, I would have the possibility shot my own husband. As it would have been better to ruin my own household, instead of ruining several others,” Richa was quoted by India Today as saying.

On Thursday, Richa said she had unsuccessfully tried to convince her husband to leave the path of crime, and now with him being dead the family has been left in the lurch.

About the claim that Dubey had acquired property worth crores of rupees, she said it was "fake news" and that her husband has left the family to fend for themselves.

"Today, we terribly needed him. He has left nothing for us. People may say that he has left a property worth Rs 500 crore, but the truth is that I do not have anything," the gangster's wife Richa Dubey said.

To a question that Dubey has properties worth crores at a number of places, even in Dubai, she said, "This is absolutely fake news. Just think, if a person has property worth crores, will his wife live in a 1,600 square feet house in Lucknow?"

Richa Dubey also claimed that she had tried to convince her husband to leave crime, but he was a man of a different mentality.

"He was a good husband, and good father. He wanted that his children should become well-educated, but he himself never wanted to come out of the world of crime," the wife of the slain gangster said.

She that whenever she tried to convince her husband about leaving the path of crime, he used to beat her .

Richa Dubey claimed that she did not like the atmosphere of her in-laws' place in Bikru village, and in order to keep her children away from the world of crime, she started living in to Lucknow since 2008.

"Had Vikas told me about his plan of killing the policemen, I would have made every effort to stop him," she said.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta