New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: What can be a better way of celebrating World Wind Day than rejoicing it with innovation and technology? Certainly, nothing! And hence a 19-year-old Delhi boy has developed an eco-friendly and affordable air purifier to tackle the problem of growing air pollution. Literally, serving the purpose of World Wind day celebrated on June 15 every year to educate adults and children about the possibilities wind holds to change the world, the 19-year-old has offered a solution to the world to make a difference.

Krrish Chawla, the inventor of the air purifier called 'Breathify', says that his technology can solve four problems at a time- effectiveness, eco-friendliness, increased quality of HEPA filter, and price. He pledged to build this technology after suffering from respiratory issues himself as a child. He was shocked by the cost of simple machines that kept him alive and therefore decided to make it accessible to all by building his own version.

"When I was young, I suffered from respiratory issues and had to use nebulizers and cortisone. I was surrounded by air purifiers. As a curious kid, I used to open up a lot of machines. When I opened up a purifier and realised it is a very simple machine but costs Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000. I was shocked that a simple machine like this was so expensive," Chawla said.

CEO of NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kant also appreciated Chawla on Twitter for his great innovation. "Dynamic young entrepreneur! Delighted to meet Krrish Chawla, age 19. His Start up @Breathifymakes affordable air purifiers - 100 per cent #MakeinIndia and non-plastic. A Gr8 step towards #AtmaNirbharBharat Congrats," Kant had tweeted.

The interesting thing about Chawla’s air purifier is that it is made up of 98 per cent components that are plastic-free and absolutely no component used in the purifier is imported- which means it is completely made in India. The only cost involved in using the purifier is the maintenance of the HEPA filter.

Giving wings to dreams, Chawla has sold more than 4,700 units of the purifier till now. He has also donated 500 purifiers to vulnerable institutions like old age homes, hospitals, orphanages and aims to donate another 2,000 for such causes.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha