New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A 28-year-old Karnataka villager, while competing in traditional sport of Kambala, has stunned the world by reportedly setting a new record as the fastest runner to surpass Olympic gold medallist sprinter Usain Bolt.

Srinivas Gowda was competing in Kambala where people sprint 142m through paddy fields with buffalo. He is said to have finished in 13.42 seconds.

People simply calculated what his speed would have been for 100 metres. It turned out to be just 9.55 seconds, .03 seconds faster than Bolt’s record.

However, the records cannot be directly compared as the Kambala jockey was running alongside a pair of buffaloes and the speed generated was also by the animals. However, the race was run in a slushy field, which can only be a speed deterrent.

The governing body for Kambala has also warned against comparing Gowda to Bolt.

“We would not like to indulge in any comparison with others,” Prof K Gunapala Kadamba, president of the Kambala Academy, told BBC.

“They [Olympic event monitors] have more scientific methods and better electronic equipment to measure speed,” he added.

However, social media did not hold back from praising the Kambala jockey from Moodabidri near Mangaluru.

Hailing Gowda, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor wrote: “Faster Than Usain Bolt? Karnataka Man Running With Buffaloes Covers 100 Metres in Just 9.55 Seconds. I urge the Athletics Association of India to take this man under their wing & make an Olympic champion of him. Wonder how many hidden talents we have!”

“Mr. Srinivasa Gowda from Moodabidre, Karnataka ran 100m in 9.55 seconds at a #Kambala (buffalo race). He was faster than @usainbolt who took 9.58 seconds to create a world record. We Indians are busy with praising others!” read one of the posts on Twitter.

Another post read: "That's super... If timing is accurate, then it's great discovery #Karnataka."

Vijay Kumar Kanginamane, one of the referees of Aikala Kambala that took place on February 2, said Gowda is on a record-breaking spree during the current Kambala season. So far, he has bagged 29 prizes in the 12 Kambalas he participated in during the current season.

Kambala is an ancient, traditional Buffalo race in muddy or slushy paddy fields of Mangalore and Udupi regions of Karnataka.

Many villages organise Kambala in which dozens of enthusiastic youth participate with their best trained buffaloes.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta