Vadakara | Shajan Peramangalam: Public space design is getting its due attention in Kerala. A different monument in memorial to Vagbhatanandan, one of the prominent leaders of the Kerala renaissance and the preaching spirit of Malabar, in line with his ideals, Vagbhatananda Park was inaugurated by Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran. The state-of-the-art corridor from Nadapuram Road Railway Station to National Highway in Onchiyam Grama Panchayat. The function was presided over by CK Nanu MLA K Muraleedharan MP was the chief guest.

During the time of Sree Narayana Guru, Vagbhatananda Guru was a leader of the renaissance in Malabar who led the way for social reform and renaissance. Sree Narayana Guru and Vagbhatananda Guru aimed at improving life, social reform, and renaissance.

The park was constructed by the tourism department for Rs 2.80 crore. The construction was carried out by the Uralungal Labor Contract Society founded by Vagbhatanandan himself.

Karakkad, now known as Uralungal, is the place chosen by Vagbhatananda Guru to establish his spiritual education group and to be the centre of his activities spread beyond the state. Vagbhatanandan arrived at the Nadapuram Road Railway Station and from there, the path taken by the Guru to the construction of a glorious epic in the history of the Kerala renaissance. Vagbhatananda Park is a tribute to the Guru's influences on the society that made life beautiful for people living around.

The park is a prime example of the government's plan to design and develop public spaces across the state. Sculptures have been erected to commemorate and convey the message of the Guru to the visitors. There are an open stage, a badminton court and an open gym at the children's park, as well as roadside restrooms, lounge-like seating corners, and toilets for the disabled. The open stage has been transformed into an excellent activity hub by paving in the shape of a chessboard.

The renovation of the existing fish market and bus stop with an excellent input of design makes the park a perfect model for all such projects. There is an extensive parking facility near Buds School and Church. Kiosks are also built for sightseeing. All arrangements have been made to ensure that the operation of the park does not affect the traffic and the cleanliness of the park as a public place. Out of the total stretch of 330 meters of the park, the width given to the road is five and a half meters so that vehicles can go in two rows. Future development possibilities are also considered.

Advanced tabletop humps at fixed distances control the traffic. The drop curbs that allow wheelchairs to move up and down the sidewalk and tacky tiles to help identify the visually impaired at sidewalks is a speciality of this park. The arrangement of light is also scientifically done.

Another attraction is the plants that are arranged to control the movement of people and vehicles. Along with native plants such as Kanikonna, Mandara, Marigold, Nantiarvattam, Thechi, and Bamboo, exotic ornamental plants such as Palm, Lady Palm, Caribbean Yucca, Indonesian Herb Elephant, and Fountain Plant also add colour to the park. The drip irrigation system is also available for watering the plants.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma