New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the much-awaited vaccination drive in India. Dubbed as the world's largest inoculation drive, India's vaccination program is aimed at inoculating millions of its healthcare and frontline workers and reach an estimated 3 crore people by the end of its first phase, in a country in which over a crore people have been afflicted by the deadly virus and over 1.50 lakh people succumbed to the pathogen.

During his inaugural address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the entire country was waiting for the coronavirus vaccine and asking when the vaccine will be available. The PM said, "the vaccine is available now, I congratulate the country on this occasion".

"Everyone was asking as to when the vaccine will be available. It is available now. I congratulate all the countrymen on this occasion", PM Modi said during his inaugural address on the day 1 of India's coronavirus vaccination drive. 

He further said that preparing a vaccine in such a short span of time is difficult but the intent showed by the Indian developers and manufacturers in preparing the vaccine against the deadly virus deserves applause from the entire nation. 

"Normally, it takes many years to make a vaccine but in such a short span of time, not one, but two 'Made in India' vaccines are ready. Meanwhile, the work on other vaccines is progressing at a fast pace", PM Modi said. 

Here are the top quotes from PM Modi's address

The start of vaccination does not mean stopping following coronavirus norms of social distancing and wearing masks. We must vow: "Dawaai bhi, kadai bhi".

Janata Curfew was a test of our patience. It prepared the country for a lockdown. By clanging utensils and lighting diyas, we kept our morale high.

It was not easy to keep such a huge population at home. Whatever impact it could have had on the economy and livelihoods, we had them. But we prioritised "jaan hai toh jahan hai (saving lives is most important)". We saw how quickly the whole country stood by these principles.

We have set an example for the world. When some countries left their people in China amid the pandemic, India brought back people under the Vande Bharat mission - not only our citizens but also those of other countries.

It is my request to you: don't make the mistake of taking off the mask and not maintaining social distance after getting the first dose of the vaccine because immunity develops only after the second dose.

Normally, vaccines take years to develop. But now we have two Made-In-India vaccines. This is evidence of India's scientific progress and talent.

Those who need it the most will be vaccinated first - healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, etc in private and government hospitals will be the priority. After that, those in essential services, those responsible for security and law - Army, sanitation workers etc.

Our scientists and experts were assured about the safety and efficacy of the two Made in India vaccines, only then did they allow the emergency use authorization. That is why citizens don't need to fall prey to any propaganda, rumours, or misinformation.

The world has faith in Indian vaccine scientists and our medical system. We have gained this trust due to our track record. Every Indian will be proud that 60 per cent of children across the globe get 'Made in India' life-saving vaccines.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan