New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that China has deployed more than 60,000 troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India and warned the Quad countries - India, US, Japan and Australia - of the increasing security threat being posed by China's "bad behaviour".

"The Indians are seeing 60,000 Chinese soldiers on their northern border," Pompeo said in an interview on The Guy Benson Show after his return from Tokyo where he met his Quad counterparts from India, Japan and Australia.

He said that the Quad countries are aware of the "real risks" associated with the threats imposed by the Chinese Communist Party and that they have started to see it in their home countries.

"I was with my Foreign Minister counterparts from India, Australia, and Japan - a format that we call the Quad, four big democracies, four powerful economies, four nations, each of whom has real risk associated with the threats imposed attempting to be imposed by the Chinese Communist Party. And they see it in their home countries too," he said.

In another interview, he said that India, Japan and Australia need the United States to counter the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party to these nations. "They absolutely need the United States to be their ally and partner in this fight," he said.

"But they've all seen it, whether it's the Indians, who are actually having a physical confrontation with the Chinese up in the Himalayas in the northeastern part of India, the Chinese have now begun to amass huge forces against India in the north whether it's the Australians who did the simple thing of saying the Chinese screwed this deal up with the virus, and we'd like to understand what happened and said we ought to have a full investigation, and in exchange for that, the Chinese Communist Party began to extort, coerce, bully the Australians," Pompeo told Larry O'Connor in the interview.

He said that the US turned another cheek for a long time which encouraged the Chinese "bad behaviour" but the Trump administration has taken steps to confront them by imposing costs, which will change the nature of the what the ruling Chinese Communist Party do to harm American interests.

"That (US inaction) only encouraged their bad behaviour, their malign activity. Our push back they understand we're serious about it. They've watched that we're going to confront them and impose costs upon them. I am confident that this activity, over time, will change the nature of what the Chinese Communist Party tries to do to harm America," Pompeo said.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma