New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday launched ‘Delhi Corona’ app for the information on availability vacant beds in hospitals. The app will also provide information about the hospitals of Delhi government as well as private hospitals and the availability of ventilators.

While addressing a video conference, Kejriwal said that there are fake rumours surfacing among people about the shortage of beds and medical facilities in Delhi, as there are 4,100 vacant beds still available in Delhi hospitals.

However, there have been instances where people are complaining of shortage of beds and medical facilities, so clearly there is gap in information as even today around 4100 beds are still vacant,” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said as reported by news agency ANI.

Kejriwal further said that to avoid further spread of these rumours and misinformation, the Delhi government is launching ‘Delhi Corona’ app which will help in getting credential information about the availability of beds in hospitals and the also provide information about the hospitals.  

“To avoid this kind of situation in future, we are launching an app today. It will provide you information about all the hospitals in Delhi, private as well as govt. It will tell you the number of vacant beds in every hospital”, Kejriwal added.

The announcement came amid the sharp rise of coronavirus cases in Delhi which has logged over 20,000 cases in the national capital since the start of the pandemic. However, CM Kejriwal said that there is no need to worry as Delhi is sufficiently equipped with medical services. He also reiterated that Delhi is four steps ahead of the deadly pathogen, as we have made all the arrangements for beds, ICUs and ventilators. 

"No. of cases in Delhi are increasing, but there's no need to worry about medical care for #COVID19 patients as we've done sufficient arrangements. If any member of your family tests positive, then they'll get the required medical services", he said. 

"We are four steps ahead of #coronavirus. Cases of coronavirus are increasing in Delhi but we have made all the arrangements for beds, ICUs and ventilators", Kejriwal added. 

Posted By: Talib Khan