New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: India is barely a month away from the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a report by State Bank of India has projected. That is, the country may see the third wave in the month of August. The report, titled, “COVID-19: the race to finishing line” adds that the third wave would reach its peak in September following which the graph of daily cases will start declining again.

"Going by the current data, India can experience daily Covid-19 cases around 10,000 somewhere around the second week of July. However, the cases can start rising by the second fortnight of August," the report said.
Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group Chief Economic Advisor, State Bank of India, told news agency IANS that the cases can start rising by the second fortnight of August 2021 with peak cases at least a month later.

Cases in third wave 1.7 times more than second wave: Report

This means if the second wave of COVID-19 was a kilometer, the third may prove itself to be a mile. The SBI study, while citing the ‘historical trends’ also refers to the global data which reportedly shows that on average, number of peak cases reached during the third wave of the pandemic is usually 1.7 times more than the peak cases of second wave of the pandemic.

Less deaths but third wave to be ‘as severe as second’

The SBI report also states that the third wave could be ‘as severe as second’ but the number of COVID-related fatalities would be less than the ones that took place during the second wave.

The second wave of COVID-19 took the country by storm in the months of April and May, with country seeing record number of COVID-19 infections and thousands of reported deaths. Since mid-May, the daily case count has started to decline as the second wave continues to show the signs of receding.
India on Tuesday reported 34, 703 cases of COVID-19, the lowest case count in four months as the recovery rate climbed above 97 per cent.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma