Street Dog Mauls Another Kid In Kerala; Here's What SC Observed On Recent Rise In Stray Dog Attacks

A 12-year-old boy was brutally attacked by a stray dog in Kozhikode district. Kerala is seeking permission from Supreme Court to kill dangerous stray animals.

By Radha Basnet
Tue, 13 Sep 2022 02:45 PM IST
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Street Dog Mauls Another Kid In Kerala; Here's What SC Observed On Recent Rise In Stray Dog Attacks

AMID the rising dog attack incidents that have been taking place in different parts of the country, another horrible case of dog biting, involving a 12-year-old boy was reported from Kerala's Kozhikode district.

A video has surfaced on social media, where a street dog can be seen attacking a 12-year-old boy brutally in Kozhikode. In the shocking video, the dog can be seen biting the boy’s leg. When he attempted to fend off the dog, it bit him on the hand again.

Since past few days, stray dog attacks are increasing in the state. On September 12, a total of six people including four children were reportedly bitten by stray dogs in Kozhikode and Palakkad.

Kerala Mulls Killing Stray Dogs Who Are Dangerous: 

With the recent rise in cases, Kerala will reportedly seek the permission of the Supreme Court to kill stray dogs which are dangerous. Earlier, the top court has sought a response from the state administration on the rising cases ofg stray animal attacks. Kerala reportedly has around 3 lakh street dogs and the state is deciding on long-term solutions to the stray dog problem.

What Supreme Court Had Said On The Issue: 

The Supreme Court recently during a hearing has stated that a balance has to be maintained between the safety of people and animal rights and suggested that people who feed stray dogs could be made responsible for vaccinating them and bearing costs if somebody is attacked by the animal.

A bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and J K Maheshwari, said some solution has to be found. "Most of us are dog lovers. I also feed dogs. Something came to my mind. Let people take care (of dogs) if they want but they have to be marked, not tracked through the chip, I'm not in favour of that," Justice Khanna observed.

The apex court said a rational solution must be found to address the stray dog issue and posted the matter for hearing on September 28 and asked the parties to file replies in the matter. The apex court has been hearing a batch of petitions on issues relating to orders passed by various civic bodies on the culling of stray dogs which have become a menace, especially in Kerala and Mumbai.

Some NGOs and individual petitioners have moved the apex court against the decisions of some high courts, including the Bombay High Court and Kerala High Court, to allow municipal authorities to deal with the stray dogs' menace as per the rules.

Dog Bites On The Rise: 

There has been a recent increase in dog attack cases. A dog allegedly bit a child inside a building's elevator in Ghaziabad, earlier this month. Another incident of this kind was reported from Noida where a pet dog attacked a man inside a lift in a housing complex.

Due to this rapid increase, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has urged locals to register their dogs and even issued a warning that consequences may result from non-compliance.

Under section 399 of the Delhi Muncipal Act, all pet dogs must be registered with the municipal corporation. If a pet dog is not registered with the civic authority, the clause also gives the MCD authority to catch the dog located in a public area.

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