New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got new wheels 'Mercedes-Maybach S650' for an upgrade of his armored vehicle. Now the Maybach S650 will be included in PM's convoy. Earlier, PM had Range Rover Vogue and Toyota Land Cruiser armoured vehicle as part of his convoy.

Recently, PM Modi was spotted in the new Maybach S650 armoured car at Hyderabad House while welcoming President Putin of Russia. The vehicle was spotted again in the Prime Minister’s convoy.

PM's Mercedes-Maybach S650 features:

As per a report, this newly added Mercedes can withstand blasts and bullets. Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard is the latest facelifted model with VR10 level protection. the highest-ever provided in a production car. According to reports, Mercedes-Maybach launched the S600 Guard in India last year for ₹10.5 crores and the S650 can cost more than ₹12 crores.

The car is powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 516bhp and a peak torque of approximately 900Nm. The maximum speed is limited to 160kmph.

S650 has received a 2010 Explosion Proof Vehicle (ERV) rating and occupants are protected from a 15kg TNT explosion from a distance of only 2 meters. The interior of the window is coated with polycarbonate and the vehicle’s lower part is heavily armoured to protect the occupants from direct explosions. The cabin also receives a separate air supply in case of a gas attack.

Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard fuel tank is coated with a special material that seals the holes automatically after a hit. It is made up of the same material that Boeing uses for its AH-64 Apache tank attack helicopters. It also runs on special run-flat tires that continue to function in case of damage or flat tires to ensure a quick escape.

The car has a luxurious interior with a seat massager and the rear seats are repositioned to allow the passengers to sit further back in the car and increase the legroom.

Let us tell you that, the Special Protection Group or SPG usually submits the request for a new car for the security of the Prime Minister. The car is chosen on the basis of security requirements.

Posted By: Ashita Singh