New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: PM Modi will visit Jewar, UP on Thursday to lay the foundation stone of the Jewar International Airport. Many other ministers and high-profile guests including UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will attend the event. In order to manage the heavy traffic and keeping PM's visit in view,  Gautam Budh Nagar Police has issued some traffic diversions at various different places.

People attending the event and the public meeting on November 25 will get designated parking spaces and other people commuting to a different place or passing by will have to follow these traffic diversions.

Check the traffic diversions here:

People commuting from Bulandshahr-Secundrabad to Jewar will have to go through Kasba Jhajjar to Jahangirpur and later they go to Jahangirpur to Jewar to reach their destination.

People commuting to Secunderabad-Bulandshahr from Yamuna Expressway, Palwal, Noida, Jewar, will be able to reach its destination via Jewar-Khurja road from Kasba Jahangirpur to Kasba Jhajjar.

The route will be diverted on the Jewar-Bulandshahr road by a barrier at Sabota Tiraha. Beyond this, only vehicles going to the public meeting will be allowed to pass.

The movement of heavy vehicles, buses, trucks, etc. will be restricted towards the venue of the event by placing a barrier at Thora village, Bhatta Tiraha. Small vehicles coming to the public meeting will be able to go in parking P-7.

Traffic coming from Falida side towards Nagla Chittar village will be diverted on Faida Road under Yamuna Expressway.

Here are the parking arrangements issued for drivers attending the event:

-For VIP vehicles arriving from Sabota village, they have been allotted the P-8 parking area that is located on the right side of the village Banwari Vas gate.

-For VIPs and media arriving from Bulandshahr-Jhajjar, they have been allotted the P-4 parking that is located behind the Ranehra police post.

- For all the media vehicles coming from Falaida Cut to Karauli, Nagla Hukam Singh village they have been allotted P-3 parking space on the village Nagla Chitar Road (Daynatpur-Falaida Road).

- For vehicles coming to the public meeting from Karauli, Nagla Hukam Singh village on Nagla Chhitar Road, they have been allotted the P-9 parking space.

- For Buses and tractors arriving from Jewar, Noida, Dadri assembly constituency (Via Yamuna Expressway), they have been allocated the P-1 parking space while Cars and motorcycles have been allotted the P-2 parking space.

-For vehicles arriving from Khurja, Secunderabad, Bulandshahr, Dadri assembly constituencies (Via Kakod, Jhajhar) will be parked in the parking P-6 before the Ranehra outpost. At the same time, the car and motorcycle will be parked in the parking P-5 east of the Ranehra outpost.

Posted By: Ashita Singh